D-Wade gets a Flagrant 1

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D-Wade gets a Flagrant 1

I just wonder what would have happened if it were Metta World Peace instead.

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if he got suspended the tv ratings would go down and the games on TNT. It wasnt the Metta Elbow to the head to Harden! Miguel Deserve a Flagrant 2 for that leg drop tho

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I heard about this earlier

I heard about this earlier and I honestly think it's BS. J.R. Smith got suspended for an elbow to the head, the same should happen to Dwyane Wade, it was uncalled for and his history shows he's a dirty player. He has a suspension history now and everything. If this were anyone on another team than the Heat it's a suspension.

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It's stuff like this

That makes me want a Spurs-Heat final, and to have the Spurs win in Miami, just so David Stern has to hand the trophy to the coach he fined 500k for "ruining basketball product". Pop would be like a very profane kid in a candy store in flipping a bird to Stern and his BS tendency to baby the stars. And it's not just Wade either...KD, Kobe, 'Melo all get this treatment too. Wade pulled a punk move and should be suspended for it

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Dwade is a dirty player. But

Dwade is a dirty player. But if you watch it, it looks like he was just jumping past him and also that was hardly an elbow, a suspension is not warranted as it wasnt malicious like mettas elbows.

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Why is he trying to jump over

Why is he trying to jump over Lance Stephenson in the first place? Go around him, not through/over him, it would be more efficient.. It was blatantly dirty. Look at his Leg kick on Ramon Sessions, he has a past of doing dirty plays and trying to make them look as if they aren't malicious.

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Jumping past him? It looked like he was jumping right at him for the sole purpose of giving him a shot to the head. He should have been ordered to New York for a meeting upon the end of the game.

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He clearly was running and

He clearly was running and Stephenson slowed down in front of him so he tried to jump around him. Sure he had some dirty plays in the past but that definitely wasn't one of them.

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Lol are you guys kidding me!

Lol are you guys kidding me! There is no comparison between that love tap and the Artest death blow. Yes he is a dirty player but a suspension for that? Its playoff basketball man up. Of Wade deserves a suspension its for flopping not his subtle physical play.

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Hey, if he is not suspended

Hey, if he is not suspended for dislocating Rondo's elbow in the playoffs or for frequent flopping, there' no way he gets suspended for a mere dirty elbow

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The NBA has no consistency

The NBA has no consistency with its calls. The preferential treatment effects the outcomes of games.Had it been a Pacer player hitting Wade or Lebron in the head they get a T2 and are suspended

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What's the point of assessing

What's the point of assessing a flagrant with no fine or suspension? Seems like a slap on the wrist, which would then cause Wade to flop out of bounds.

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