CP3 or Dwight?

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CP3 or Dwight?

It's the summer of 2012 and your team has a huge need for a PG and center and you get your pick between CP3 and Dwight .You only can have 1 and your surrounding pieces is a solid scoring SG, a solid all round SF, and a meh PF who is just decent all the way around. You won 35 games the previous season but have no 1st round pick either. Who do you take and why?

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CP3. A guard like him can

CP3. A guard like him can make use of the SG and SF scoring abilities and although the team lacks strong post presence, there should be players avaliable that play defense and grab boards even if they aren't to the same caliber as Dwight is. Most importantly however, may be having a post man that knows how the set off-ball screens to really maximize the offense's ability to score.

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CP3 for sure, a pg is always

CP3 for sure, a pg is always your first priority

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Are you guys crazy? Look at

Are you guys crazy? Look at the list of elite PG's in the league. CP3, Rondo, Derrick Rose, D-Williams, Westbrook. There is only one Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard no question. Of

Dwight Howard no question. Of every team that won a championship last decade, each one had a great big man as one of their top 2 guys.

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D12. No question about that.

D12. No question about that. CP3 is great, but there are tones of good PG in the NBA, but D12 is the only superstar true C in the league now. Obviously you need to find the right people to surround Dwight in order to win because you can't rely on Dwight to be your 1st option on offense. He can't shoot and he can't hit FT. You need a superstar swingman that can create and take clutch shots. That's what the Magic is lacking now.

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Howard. As good as CP3 is.

Howard. As good as CP3 is. I point guard is easier to find than a big man. Also Howard could turn most teams even his current one from terrible on defense to top 5 defense.

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I personally like dwight

I personally like dwight howard, but if you don't have anyone to get him the ball, that ruins the purpose of having a ddominant low post scorer. If you have a decent point who is quick and savy with the ball, along with good perimeter defenders and wings htat can knock down shots, go with dwight. If you do not have a point and have a decent center (which i doubt), take cp3. If you don't have a point or center, as you asked, take the best player at the time. (now it would be Dwight, but if cp3 can get into pre injury form, he can be the best in the league.)

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Ever since Dwight Howard came

Ever since Dwight Howard came in the league, there has not been a player from any draft class that is better than him.

With CP3, there have been PGs that have come from the draft that has become elite PGs (Rose, Westbrook, Rondo, DWill).

The point is, Howard is an EXTREMELY rare commodity nowadays, while elite PGs can be found in the draft almost every year.

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*I want to illiterate, There

*I want to illiterate, There has not been a better CENTER than Dwight Howard, ever since he came in the league, from any draft class since 2004.

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You can win a championship

You can win a championship without a great PG, but you can't win a championship without a big man anchoring your defense. Just imagine a team that actually plays above average team defense with Dwight in the center. The Magic has below average team defense, and they are a top 5 defense. CP3 is too much of a question mark concerning his health to take over Howard also. Dwight has hardly missed any games in his career. There is no telling when CP3 will miss more than half a season worth of games.

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i would take dwight howard

i would take dwight howard because its harder to find a great center than there is to find a great point guard....this league has so many young and upcoming stars at the point guard position while there are a few that can be said as young and upcoming stars in the center position.

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There's CP3 and about a

There's CP3 and about a handful of elite PGs.

There's Dwight Howard then there's............. Andrew Bogut? And I can't even consider him elite.

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Dwight Howard no doubt.

Dwight Howard no doubt. Defense wins Championships and Howard is the most dominant defensive player in the leage, and he'd look even better if his guards could keep guys in front of them. Like somebody above said, Howard makes average defenses elite.

I also think its plausible to say that he hasnt even reached his ful potential yet. The guy is like 25 only and is still showing major improvements offensively. He may never reach it, but I think Chris Paul has hit his peak and may even be on the downswing by 2012, dont get me wrong he is still the 3rd best PG in the NBA, but you know what your going to get with him, which is right around 18 and 10. Howard could be a 25 and 14 guy for the next 6 years.

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You need either a Big Man or

You need either a Big Man or Michael Jordan for a Dynasty. And if you have Jordan he better not be in the front office.

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I think Chris Paul is a

I think Chris Paul is a better overall player than Dwight Howard is, but I'd rather have Dwight Howard on my team. He's far too dominant and valuable in a big man-deprived NBA to be passed on for a PG. Even though Chris Paul is a top 2 or 3 PG.

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howard no question about it

i love cp3 but there is only one true elite c in the game howard immediatley makes any team a top 5 def team

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Howard. And I thought the

Howard. And I thought the same thing, who is next after him? I think it is Bogut (he can score and lead league in blocks per game this season) and I wouldn't call Bogut a franchise player. Both players are great, especially if CP3 gets all of his speed back (and it looks like it is coming, it just is going to take a year to fully recover). But a center who can score at a high level (notice the 46 points last game) and defend at an elite level is just too valuable.

Not to stir the pot, but you also take Howard over any other PG, including D. Rose. Yes, I know that is going to rile everyone up who seems to think that R. Rose is the best player in the game right now. But elite Center like Howard is too good to pass up.

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