Covington DPOY

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Covington DPOY

His impact on this team since the trade cannot be denied. The Wolves are 4th in defensive rating sincethe trade and has opened up the floor for Towns. His presence has made Towns a much better defender. If RoCo keeps this up, He should be at least top 3 candidate for DPOY.

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Roco is a really good defender but he does have trouble

w/ on ball man to man defense against some of the top Wings & Guards as we just saw in the T-Wolves loss to Boston where Roco was a -4 for the game & last year in the playoff Covington Really struggled (Phila's entire team did in fairness)

Now I Luv Roco's defense & how he has effected the Wolves in such a positive way so I hate to criticize at all b/c just about Everyone struggles guarding those Top guys

But when you are talking about DPOY I think of guys who Dominate Everyone in Help Defense, Team Def scheme & Man 2 Man On Ball Defense

I think of guys like Gobert, Embiid, Kawhi Leonard, MArc Gasol has re-emerged - Ben Simmons defense has been Insane this year too - but those 1st 3 guys I mentioned shut Everyone down

So I don't see Covington as the DPOY but there is No denying his impact on the Wolves & U know Phila did Not want to give Covington up.... Imagine if Phila managed to give up Fultz & Saric & that trade & they Still had Covington w/ Embiid, Simmons & Butler playing Defense every night - Lord have Mercy!

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This Timberwolves team, with

This Timberwolves team, with a competent coach, could be top 4 in the west.

Thibodeau is an absolutely miserable coach - proven over and over.

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