Count Down on Dwane Casey

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Count Down on Dwane Casey

I just don't see any way around a coaching change in Toronto right now. The East is just way too horrible to attempt a tank scenario. With the huge void of anyting close to solid teams in the Atlantic, the Raptors really have no choice but to try to improve enough to win the division.

Whether it is a case of the players not running the offence properly, or that the coaching staff is completely useless on that end is irrelevant.

There are a number of top tier coaches without teams right now. I say if you can't lock one of them up right now, get Sam Mitchell to come in as interim until the summer.

Whatever Ujiri is planning, I hope he does it sooner than later, while the Atlantic Division title remains extrememly low hanging fruit. Regardless of record this is the path of least resistance to a playoff spot.

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