Could this be possible? Please treat with grain of salt state of mind :)

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Could this be possible? Please treat with grain of salt state of mind :)

I love the NBA, I have been enjoying it since 1992, therefore, making it clear so what I am about to state means no bad intentions or dobuts towards the NBA. Just pure curiosity :)

Since the topic of UFO disclosure is considered quite normal nowadays and we know that there are non humans walking among us(some are quite pro human and helpful). Would it be possbile for human lookalike type of beings that have played in the NBA without us really noticing?

I had a thought pass by the other day, maybe in the past, a non human being really like the concept of basketball and how it was played therefore "it" tried to paritipate in the NBA in human form? This thought was mainly influenced by Space Jam, MJ and the Monsters.

Also, nowadays we seem to realise lots of Sci Fi or unrealistic type of movies are actually introductions to what will happen in the future...just not now.

So could it possible be that the monsters of yesterday are players of today? Some players are very unique (in a good way) to a point that are so rare

Maybe? Maybe not? Please comment

PS..I am sober

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What was that 1980s movie

What was that 1980s movie where Rowdy Roddy Piper wore the sunglasses to see who was an alien and who was human? Was it called They Live?

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very possible

His name was Sam Cassell

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What planet /

So AusBob, what planet are you from ??? I've heard of Down Under, you seem to be Way Out There !!

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Didn't you hear? Australia is

Didn't you hear? Australia is fake news. We're all actors paid to make people believe the world is round...

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