Cory Jefferson

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Cory Jefferson

Having a monster game tonite.. 3/3 from deep after not hitting one all season, while this is probably a fluke, his stroke is pretty smooth and has potential to add that into his game.. Another year at Baylor I reckon he is a NBA talent.. He and Pierre Jackson are key to this Baylor lead.

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Fran just said it best. If

Fran just said it best. If you don't think Pierre Jackson is in the conversation for best PG in the nation you haven't been watching the last two years. He is way undersized at 5"10' but he makes up for it with elite athleticism. He reminds me of Nate Robinson with more playmaking ability. I could see him sneaking into the end of the first round. He could be an explosive 6th man who can play the point and score in bunches.

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