College Football 9/18/2010

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College Football 9/18/2010

This weekend seems to be going pretty well, some big games had by Ryan Mallett and Mark Ingram, two potential top picks in the draft. Terrelle Pryor and Denard Robinson also won their games and played well (though combining for 3 INT's against relatively bad teams, with Michigan barely winning). Ingram came back with a vengeance though, 9 carries 151 and 2 TD's. Now, it is going to be an uphill battle to catch Archie Griffin as the only two time Heisman winner after missing these first two games and with Trent Richardson definitely being a complete beast, but not a bad way to start off his season. Certainly does not take him out of race talks. But, I have to give my alma mater props once again. Granted, we are playing Portland State University, a 1A school, but, LaMichael James! 15-218-2 scores. In the first half. 45-0 at half, 62-0 with 5 left in the 3rd. It kills me we are playing such weak non-conference schools, but it does not feel awful to be averaging about 60 points per game. Our defense has looked pretty stellar, though the run stop started off extremely shaky against Tennessee last weekend.

My Heisman pick from the start of the season has been Terelle Pryor, I also do not know how he can not be in talks for being a very high NFL draft pick after this season. For as much work as he needs in throwing the football, I find that the consensus top pick favorite, Jake Locker, has a ways to go as well. I have watched Jake play very closely over the years, as UW is our rival, and he is a freak. The guy has so much potential as a QB, he can run people over, he has prototypical size, he has a strong arm and he is tough. But, while UW may not be the most talented offensive team, I just do not know how they have not done slightly better. They are honestly not that bad, and they never really seem to win huge games. They beat USC last year and all, but honestly, USC got beaten by about half of the Pac-10. I fear playing Jake every time, but he generally never seems to be enough, definitely not with his arm, and that has to make you wonder. Pryor on the other hand, kicked our ass last year and his physical and athletic gifts dwarf even those of Jake Locker. The kid is a beast and I just do not know why a project is rated ahead of another project. Terrelle has a better team, but I honestly think he is a huge reason why they are up to the level that they are. What I saw at the Rose Bowl last year was not a lie.

My statement of our combo of LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner was indeed bold, and I honestly do not know if I believe it. I said they were better than Ingram and Richardson, and production wise it is close, but those two Bama backs are I think slightly better. They are different, that is for sure, but they are physical specimens that just cry NFL. LaMichael and Kenjon should make it as well, and are faster, maybe even more to watch, but will either of them be the NFL talent of Ingram or Richardson. My heart wants to say yes, but my mind tells me no.

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