Coby White...

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Coby White...

was insane against Miami today. He was 11-16 from the floor, 7-10 from 3 and couldn't miss down the stretch. He also had 6 assists. He's number 26 on the board for the 2019 draft on here. Could he play himself into the lottery? He's got elite speed, is a very good athlete, obviously he can shoot, he can handle, is an improving defender and passer and already is a good leader as a freshman. I also want to give a shout out to Chris Lykes. I've never seen a 5 foot 7 guy (and that's being generous) at the D1 level in a hostile environment make so many fearless plays. Nobody on Carolina could check him. He was unstoppable today.

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White reminds me a lot of

White reminds me a lot of Jamal Crawford. He’s gonna be a great 3rd guard off the bench that will be able to light it up. He’s an insane offensive talent.

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You’re selling him short

Jamal Crawford is not the athlete White is. I think he has a higher ceiling than just the 3rd guard off the bench. He reminds me of Marbury. I think he’s going to be really good.

Second best point guard in the draft in my opinion. I think he can sneak into the lottery.

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I don't think

He's a good athlete. I think he is average athlete by nba standards

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Spencer Dinwindie clone

Spencer Dinwindie clone

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Ashton Hagans

Please dont forget Ashton Hagans held White to 8, 2, 2 and had 8 steals in a big win for UK back in December. Since being inserted into the starting lineup after Quade left, Hagans has Kentucky rolling. As a reclassed freshman we should be talking about Hagans moving up draft boards as well.

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