Coach's Challenge Flag

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Coach's Challenge Flag

Hi Everyone,

What are your thoughts on the Head Coach's in game challenge of a call?

Teams can use one challenge per game regardless of whether it is successful, and it can be utilized to question a variety of instances, including a called personal foul on the coach's own team, an out-of-bounds call, goaltending or basket interference. The challenge can be used at any point during the game. However, in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime, any out of bounds, goaltending or basket-interference calls will be automatically triggered for review and are not challengeable.

The team must have a time out to use it and it will trigger a time out so there should be minimal extra time take up.

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Good to see the NBA trying

Good to see the NBA trying something new to improve the quality of their product. Not sure if it will make a noticeable difference, but it’s good to see them being proactive.

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The challenge was used in the

The challenge was used in the G-League in 2015-16 and maybe 16-17 I can't recall exactly. There is certainly value in it.

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Can’t wait til Jeff Van Gundy

Can’t wait til Jeff Van Gundy finds out these exist the first time one’s used so he can complain about more game stopping

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