Coach of the Year Thoughts

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Coach of the Year Thoughts

Just wondered who people think are the frontrunners for the Coach of the Year award?

Rookie Coach Tom Thibodeau who has already clinched a play off birth must be a leading contender.

Doc Rivers could be in the running as his recent success at Boston hasn't been honoured.

Often Coaches who have turned around a team are rewarded so Mike D'Antoni and Doug Collins who have already both bettered their teams records from last season could be in the running.

Out West Greg Poppovich has guided his team to a league best record so might be rewarded again.

Nate MacMillan has guided a team with major injury issues into play off contention.

Rookie Coach Monty Williams has guided the Hornets into a play off place

Finally George Karl despite health issues and all the drama surrounding Melo has kept the Nuggets in contention and having never been Coach of the Year it could be decided to honour him as he achieved his 1000th win late last year.

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Coach of the Year is one of

Coach of the Year is one of the most enigmatic processes in my opinion. The best coaches almost never get rewarded, so the award lacks some credibility. The criteria are hazy at best, and it's easiest to win in your first few seasons with a team because the impact can be put down to you rather than a new player/s.

I think Thibs wins it, the Bulls have become a defensive juggernaut and Rose is playing at an MVP calibre. If Mike Brown is anything to go by, having the MVP and being a good defensive team near the top is all you need.

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Tom Thibodeau

And I think its a run away, they dont give them out for both conferences do they? If so, it should probably be Popp.

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Bulls fan here

But I think the award should go to Popovich for making the Spurs what they are now... though I will never bge surprised if Thibs snatches it from Pop...

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Best record should mean best coach

But on the other hand Coach of the year has been on of the unluckiest awards over the past few seasons

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Greg Poppovich Nobody and I

Greg Poppovich

Nobody and I mean nobody thought the Spurs would be this good. There were quite a few people that didn't even think they'd win 50 games this season and thought that they'd be a lower seeded team.

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