Class of 2019 PG's

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Class of 2019 PG's

Havent watched many of these guys player aside from Cole Anthony. Who are the best PG's in this class and which guys have the most NBA upside or one and done potential. I heard Jalen Lecque is the guy to look out for.

Cole Anthony 6'2 180

Jalen Lecque 6'4 180

Ashton Hagans 6'4 190

Josiah James 6'6 180

DJ Carton 6'3 180

Tre Mann 6'4 170

Devion Harmon 6'1 175

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I’m very high on Cole

I’m very high on Cole Anthony! His athleticism blows me away.

I don’t believe Jalen Lecque will be a point guard at the next or high level of competition.

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Seen Anthony a few times, and

Seen Anthony a few times, and not sure about his long-term potential. Despite the fact that he can really get up, he's kind of slow, has a low release point, doesn't have a great handle, etc... Personally think he's gonna struggle his freshman year.

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WATCH OUT for Nico Mannion.

WATCH OUT for Nico Mannion. Prolly the best PG in America for his class and he might reclass to 19. He has offers from Duke, UCLA, Zona, Nova, Kansas etc. Nba level PG

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The 2020 draft class has one

The 2020 draft class has one more point guard to add to that bunch

Killian Hayes from France!

There's LaMelo Ball too but eh, not a huge fan of him

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