CJ McCollum

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CJ McCollum

Has McCollum elevated his draft stock in the same way Noel has? By simply not playing. The kid had a great junior year and with no clear cut number one pick he could rise imo. Not saying he will go number 1 because well quite frankly he won't. I do think he will be selected in the 7-12 range though. What do you guys think? Also, what type of success will he find in the NBA?

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All the guys playing seem to

All the guys playing seem to be hurting their stock by under performing. This is a solid rotational draft, but I do not see many allstar appearances with this group of guys. People remember how good he was before the injury and that image is sticking in their minds.

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People still remember him

People still remember him stepping it up against Duke in the tournament; something many of this year's prospects have failed to do. And also, if I can recall, he was having another fantastic season before the injury.

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He was having a terrific

He was having a terrific year. Excluding the VCU game where he left early due to injury, he averaged 28.3 PPG.

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7-12 range is definitely a

7-12 range is definitely a possibility. I think he could and should go before MCW just because he takes care of the ball more... which is what you need most from a rotational guard.

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