Chris Singleton

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Chris Singleton

while i dont agree that he is Scottie Pippen i think he is a great defensive player. There will be a steep learning curve as he will have to learn to guard quicker players in the NBA like Lebron, and other small forwards. I could see him being a great complement to Rashard Lewis in Washington.What im wondering is should the wizards take him at six even though that is to high. i dont tink he will last till the 18th pick. the other areas of his game can be refined is this a strecth for a team that has a stud a point, an okay young front court that should only get better, scorers in the form of Rashard lewis and Nick young and Jordan crawford. Small forward is their reall only weakness and the bench. I probally would reach for him here.

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I seen alot of Singleton and

I seen alot of Singleton and defensive prospects like him (and UK's Gilchrist) dont come around that often.

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Why not just take Jan

Why not just take Jan Vesely?

Chris Singeton was a big-time defender in college, sure, but he'll have to adjust to the game as all rookies do. I don't think he's gonna come straight to NBA as a guy who can defend SG-PF like did in college. And while he's adjusting to the NBA defensively, does he have ANY offensive tools that can keep him on the floor? I doubt he does, so I wouldn't reach. At best he's a Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, and even that might not come true if he doesn't become more disciplined on D. Why take that at 6, with Vesely likely there as a better prospect and not much worse, if at all, on D?

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singleton can be a solid

singleton can be a solid defensive player but his offense is suspect and i think 6 is just too high for him

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i love how the latest mock of

i love how the latest mock of this site has the Wizards taking Jan Vesely at #6 and Chris Singleton at #18, that would be a great draft for them, it will give them two great complementary, allround players to put next to more of an offensive minded players like Nick Young, Jordan Crawford, Rashard Lewis, Andray Blatche, it will give Washington amazing length and very strong SF position for the future.

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He has Good Defensive..6'9 Small forwad Good SHooting form..
can someone tell me a site to watch the game tonight>> please

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yeah, i wouldnt take him in

yeah, i wouldnt take him in the top 10..but in the 11 to 20 range...He reminds me of Tayshaun Prince...His offense will come..

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I have been saying this for a while

Singleton is the most NBA ready player in the draft. His offense has been limited at FSU but he would probably be the best wing defender on half the teams in the NBA right this second. He has the size, quickness, and strength to step on a court now and make a difference. I'm biased towards him but I have also seen every game he has ever played in college and I know what he is capable of.

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Washington should just trade

Washington should just trade down if they really want Singleton. I wouldn't pick him 6th.

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Vesely or Leonard at 6 and Singleton or Harris at 18

I agree that Washington should pick Singleton, but I hear they are also very high on Vesely and Kanter. Of course Kanter will not be around at 6th, (He's likely gone by the 4th pick) So they will probably go for Vesely with that sixth pick. If Vesely is not available then they will probably select Kawhi Leonard. The sixth pick will likely be Leonard or Vesely, but if in a rare circumstance both are gone and so is Kanter, then the Wizards would have to look at draft Burks, or Singleton. But that is only in a rare circumstance. I'm absolutely positive that the sixth pick will be either Jan Vesely or Kawhi Leonard. If the Wizards want Singleton so bad then they need to wait for him at 18 (He will probably still be available), if he isn't there at 18 then they can trade the 18th pick straight up for Singleton's rights. He'll probably go anywhere between 12 and 18 so it shouldn't be hard to do a straight up trade. But they also should take a look at Tobias Harris as well as Singleton. It is possible that Singleton is gone before the 18th pick, but Harris will likely be there at 18.

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Im just not convinced Leonard

Im just not convinced Leonard will be a better NBA player than Singleton though, so I would no draft Leonard at six( or at all) if I'm the Wizards

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