Chose 1 Alltime player to build around & how would you do it?

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Chose 1 Alltime player to build around & how would you do it?

I would Chose Shaq the most dominant Player in the History of the Game.

With the 1st pick Shaq

Then in next draft i would look for a Pass 1 PG. & then sign veteran Wing Defenders. Next i would look for Knock down shooters @ one of the wing spots.

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Im choosing Lebron, then I'm

Im choosing Lebron, then I'm getting Legit bigs, Lebron is good enough to handle all the perimeter problems until I got a good enough PG and 2 guard, long as I had 2 GOOD bigs I would be ok

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I'm taking Kobe (although I'm

I'm taking Kobe (although I'm not a Kobe fan) simply because I know he won't quit on my team if we struggle to win.

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I'm taking Magic or Lebron...

I'm taking Magic or Lebron...

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Im taking that guy that wore

Im taking that guy that wore the number 23 in Chicago...whats his name again?

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Hmmm was his name Kerr? If

Hmmm was his name Kerr? If you dont pick Jordan your probally losing. I would likely pick Jordan yet I would be tempted to tak Shaq and put a nice wing with him with a killer instict like Pierce.

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MJ no question After that

MJ no question

After that give me Bill Russell

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first i will resign dirk than

first i will resign dirk than have jkidd in a trade from nets for devin harris sign chandler trade add butler make sure he has season ending injury than get peja oh wait is that happening now ! finish LA for good!

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This board is soooo funny,

This board is soooo funny, yea ok I know most of you want Jordan, yes he IS THE BEST OF ALL TIME.

But I pick Lebron for the simple fact, you will never see another 6'8 260 pound guy that can do what he can do EVER, he can pass,shoot, score, when he hits full stride is argubably the fastest player in the league, he may not be as clutch as Jordan, but Lebron is clutch in a sense that he took a weak Cleveland team to the Finals, and led them to 2 best records in the NBA

Lebron already has a long list of records that he only holds and alot of achievements and he still isn't in his prime.

Through their first 8 years of their carrers Jordan averaged 32.1 PPG 5.9 RPG and 5.9 APG

Lebron averages 27.1 PPG 7.1 RPG and 7.0 APG

No way am I saying Lebron is better than Jordan, but don't make it seem like Lebron isn't worthy of being picked to start a franchise out of all the greatest players to ever live.

Because he is, people have different opinions and I'm picking Lebron over anybody.

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There are many good players who would be great centerpieces...personally, I go with Lebron too because of his perimeter game and passing. With nearly any player you get, you would have to be lucky enough to get another HOF calibur player to go with them, ala Pippen, Worthy, McHale, etc...I think Lebron would be best because he could still have a good team even if he had to start with a garbage center and not many other good perimeter players around him. Then again, Lebron was kinda cursed by making Cleveland so much better when he arrived because the team was so good, they only had 1 lottery pick while he was there.

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I'm just saying, why not go with the most gifted person in the world to build a team around? And he has skills to match.

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I'm Taking Kobe and Pairing

I'm Taking Kobe and Pairing him with another young elit athlete with a similar skillset like T-Mac. See what he could have doneas the main dude from the begining like MJ with Pip. I'd then get an elite defensive big similar to Grant or Rodman and a TON of knock down shooters.A defensive athletic PG who could hit the 3 ball and I'm set.

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a main go to guy who can do a

a main go to guy who can do a little of everything, probably bron, pippen, grant hill, tmac (prime), and pair him with a big defender, a great pure pg, and a solid bench.

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Kinguy11's Awesome Team

I'd go with Rajon Rondo (PG), a good passing point guard and will atract wingmen to my team.

Next adding wingmen I'd sign some proven wings and young guns. Kinguy11's Awesome team signs: Caron Bulter (SF), Shannon Brown (SG) and Luol Deng (SF).

With the Bigmen I'd go the draft, so just pretend this team is in next years draft with the 1st and 18th pick.

Kinguy 11's Awesome Team selects Anthony Davis (PF) and Jonas Valacunis (C).

We then trade some stuff for Shane Battier (SF) and sign Free agents George Hill (PG), Chris Kaman (C), Kirk Penney (SG) and darrell Athur (PF). Also we sign Undrafted Player Steven Adams (PF).

Finally I sign Don Nelson as Coach and Adam Morrison as a Reserve so I can laugh at his hair every Day.

Kinguy11's Awesome Team Roster Coach: Don Nelson General Manager: Kinguy11


PG: Rajon Rondo (PG)

SG: Caron Butler (SF)

SF: Luol Deng (SF)

PF: Anthony Davis (PF)

C: Chris Kaman (C)

Bench: George Hill (PG), Shannon Brown (SG), Kirk Penney (SG), Shane Battier (SF), Darrell Athur (PF), Steven Adams (PF), Jonas Valacunis (C)

Reserves: Adam Morrison (SF)

Hope you like it because even if you don't it will win 1,000,000 NBA championchips in a row!!!

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Jordan is the obvious guy I

Jordan is the obvious guy I thought of when I read the post title and I'm glad to see Bill Russell got a mention. I'll throw in Karem and Wilt Chamberlain as two other options as no one has mentioned them.

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Starting 5

PG - Magic Johnson

SG - Michael Jordan

SF - Lebron James

PF - Tim Duncan

C - Shaquille O'Neal

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Best Team Ever

This is based on a draft style format i did with my friends:

PG- Gary Payton/Jason Kidd

SG- LeBron James/Grant Hill/Sidney Moncrief

SF- Julius Erving/Dennis Rodman

PF- Dwight Howard/Kevin Garnett

C- Patrick Ewing/Nate Thurmond/Ben Wallace

LeBron was my top pick (Third overall in my draft following MJ and Shaq)

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stockton, jordon, reggie

stockton, jordon, reggie miller bill russel and Kareem is that team kill or what? (I had to put reggie in because that team needs shooters with the bigs and stockton, and yes that team would be just as good with Karl Malone replacing Kareem or Bill. Not saying that Malone is better, but that pick and roll with stockton was raw)

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David Robinson no contest,

David Robinson no contest, cuz he would have to serve in the Navy for 2 years, so the team would be poo poo and get Austin Rivers the next year,then the following year maybe could get Andre Drummond.

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