Choosing an ideal 2nd best player on a Championship Squad

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Choosing an ideal 2nd best player on a Championship Squad

For your #2 player behind a "superstar" would you choose:

Gordon Hayward

Bradley Beal

Derrick Favors

Chandler Parsons

Jimmy Butler

Klay Thompson


1) With your selection would you argue that they broach #1 status on a championship squad? Explain.

Bonus: Build your list of top 3 players on a trophy squad within reason. I.E: Lebron, Kevin Durant, and Derrick Rose is NOT reasonable.

Lebron, Jimmy Butler, Derrick Favors is a bit more reasonable.

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Of that bunch, I'd go with Klay Thompson.

Then building my top 3 players, Anthony Davis, Thompson, Conley.

Conley is a great defensive PG, who is a capable scorer/distributor. Thompson is a lights out shooter who is also a great defender. Anthony Davis is a freak who can score and defend like it's nobody's business.

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Its obvious he is the best

Its obvious he is the best rookie although somebody like Saric could be deserving strictly from a games played standpoint.

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