What do you think Portland should do with their 5 picks? Trade up to get a PG? Trade to get a vet? Stay where they are and acquire some decent/developmental players? I think this is a very interesting question, because it seems like the starting 5 is pretty set. Other than at the 3 spot with Martell or Travis, and the PG spot with Blake.

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Ive read reports that say Portland is interested in Curry and Ive also read reports that say theyre gonna trade/sell their pick. If they move up I think they should take Curry. Id love for them to somehow work a trade for Rubio, but I tihnk thats a little farfetched. If they stand pat they should take Hansborough if available and if hes gone, I think they should grab Lawal. They need a more physical presence off the bench at PF than Channing Frye. I could also see Pritchard packaging some of these picks to trade for a vet PG, or they could sign one like andre Miller. The only player that I dont wanna see end up in Portland is Kirk Hinrich. Hes the most overrated player in the league and they shouldnt give up anything to get him, when IMO, Blakes just as good.


Thats a pretty good lineup.

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I think that what they

I think that what they should do and are likely to do, is try to trade all but one of the picks or all of them. WIther use them to attract various rebuilding teams and try to get their established players, or at least use them to move up into the lottery and grab a real stud. The roster is already stuffed and adding all of the picks they have would be ridiculous, so i definitely see a trade or two going down.

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I honestly do not like the

I honestly do not like the Andre Miller pick. If anything they should try very hard to trade with Minnesota or the Knicks and pick up Curry. Much better fit in the long term.

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take Hansbrough at 24 then

take Hansbrough at 24 then hope with their second round pick they can get Austin Daye and then lock Daye and Batum in the weight room all summer.

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If we trade up...

I dont' see KP taking Stephen Curry, to me, that's just a smokescreen. How does Curry fit in our offense? I love the kid's game, but what Portland needs is a point guard who can distribute the ball to the "Big 3" and play some great defense. Some people may say that Curry's just beginning to hit his potential as a "true point guard" and that he improved greatly between his soph and junior seasons as a passer, but that still leaves us without a player who can guard the Chris Pauls, the Deron Williams, and even the Aaron Brooks. That said, even if Portland moves up to #8, I'm not sure there's a player there that fits the bill. Tyreke Evans is athletic enough to guard the quickest point guards in the league but he's not much of a distributor. Jrue Holiday has the potential to be a lock down defender, but he's still very raw and has never shown that he can be a true point guard. All of that just goes to show that this draft is not gonna end with Portland finding the "perfect point guard". I'd stay pat and go overseas with this pick (Nick Calathes, Jonas Jerebko, or Omri Casspi). Or if Hansborough or Lawal fall to #24 (which I don't think either of them will, pick up the bruising power foward that we need to back up LA.

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Its possible that we can get Hansbrough with the 24th pick and Collison with the 33rd pick. Pritchard liked both guys especially Collison during their workout in Portland.

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