CHI/MEM/POR Trade Idea

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CHI/MEM/POR Trade Idea

This is from a Portland Fan. If LA12 wants out to Chicago.

+ Chicago sends the rights to Nikola Mirotić to Memphis.
+ Chicago sends their 2014 1st rounder to Portland.

Chicago line up

1. D.Rose - Kirk Hinrich
2. J.Butler - M.Duncleavy
3. T.Prince - T. Snell
4. L.Aldridge - T.Gibson
5. J.Noah - N.Mohammed

Memphis (Deng Strenghten the 3pt shooting)

1. M.Conley - T.Wroten
2. T.Allen - J.Bayless
3. L.Deng - Q.Pondexter
4. C.Boozer - E.Davis
5. M.Gasol - K.Koufos


1. D.Lillard - CJ.McCollum
2. W.Matthews - A.Crabbe
3. N.Batum - D.Wright
4. Z.Randolph - T.Robinson
5. R.Lopez - M.Leonard

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I like this deal for Memphis

I like this deal for Memphis and Chicago, but not so much for Portland: they get an aging Randolph and a low first rounder for one of the best PF in the game in Aldridge.

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Never happen

That's a steal for Chicago, a stalemate for Memphis, and Portland gets robbed.

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They say Z-BO is the Mayor of

They say Z-BO is the Mayor of Memphis and the city loves him and would be hurt if he is dealt. Plus one year of Deng and two of Boozer is not worth the loss of Randolph, even if it frees up 2014 money that would go to Prince. Besides MEM is so cheap they won't send out 25.4 worth of money and take 29.6 back, these are the guys that made that Jon Leur trade last year, Portland also has to pay Z-BO 3 more million than Aldridge for just about the same production. Chicago is coming out the biggest winners.

With all that being said, I like the trade in general. I'm pretty sure most teams would prefer Taj Gibson to Boozer. Any team that taking Boozer this year will want one of Chi's assets such as that future HornCats pick or Mitoric.

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Portland wouldn't do it

I know they are looking at the options of trading Aldridge, but they are looking more for a center and/or a shooting guard in return. Portland would want something along the lines of Drummond, Horford, Monroe... Actually, Marc Gasol would be a good fit, not that Portland would do that trade necessarily, but Gasol would be better than Randolph.

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Not the best for Portland

Definitely a great deal for Chicago, but Portland would probably want something more in return... Also, the first thing I thought when I saw the trade was the reunion for Zach Randolph to Portland. Ah, not the best memories in that stadium for him, although he did have one of his best statistical season there

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Bad trade for portland you

Bad trade for portland you can get more aldridge than a late first round pick and an older zach randolph. Bulls would probably have to put another first round pick in to the blazers, but still the blazers are young they would never trade for an older player

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Portland fan also

and I'd probably like the trade better if Chicago was giving up the Bobcats protected pick and Gasol. Z-Bo scares me being on the wrong side of his prime - seems like he could be more of an injury risk as he gets older.

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As a Bulls fan

What is Mirotic's trade value? According to most overseas scouts he would've been a top 5 pick this year, but I 've always had the feeling it would be almost impossible to get close to that for him in a trade. Seems like he's being completely disregarded in the discussion about this trade even. So, what's he worth?

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He's worth way too much to give away

Mirotic, Boozer, Deng, and a pick for Aldridge? Not a &$#%#[email protected]! chance.

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