Charles Bassey to WKU

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Charles Bassey to WKU

Buried in yesterday's sports news: Charless Bassey reclassifies to 2018 and is going to Western Kentucky. Odd twist.

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This isn’t actually super

This isn’t actually super surprising. WKU coach Rick Stansbury has reportedly been recruiting Bassey since Stansbury was an assistant coach at Texas A&M before becoming WKU’s head coach for the 2016-17 season. While Stansbury was at A&M, Bassey was playing prep ball in San Antonio. WKU was his first offer, and he said in an interview with the Louisville Courier Journal that the early connection was important.

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The big question now

The big question now is...will James Wiseman reclassify as well..and if so do he follow Penny in Memphis.

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How does WKU

keep pulling top recruits the past few years? I know Stansbury is a great recruiter and I'm not assuming they are cheating - but a bunch of non-power 5 programs have to be wondering what's in the water in Bowling Green.

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Gotta agree with you here.

Gotta agree with you here. Stansbury defenitely has a strong reputation as a recruiter but any school from a mid major conference getting big time recruits back to back like that just sticks out like a sore thumb. Not saying they are cheating but especially with all the MitchellRobinson drama last year FBI is probably watching like they work for Tony Montana. With that being said I want to see this work for WKU and would love to them become a powerhouse which could ultimately help the other teams in the Conference USA attract talent and earn some respect. Also glad Bassey reclassified 2019 draft is looking pretty thin and he could compete for 1st.

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