Change in Voting for All-Star Game

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Change in Voting for All-Star Game

So today news came out that the voting of the All-Star Game will change to a format similar to football, where fans still determine half of the voting for the starting line-up and the other half is determined by a combination of players (25%) and members of the media (25%). Even though this might make the process more "fair", as in the best players will start in the ASG, it provides fans with a smaller incentive to vote (less influence on the outcome).

The main reason that is mentioned is that this is more fair to the players, as they have all kind of clauses etc. etc. in their contracts regarding starting in the All-Star Team. However, that reason is complete and utter nonsense. I am not dismissing the fact that players have those clauses, I'm just dismissing that it is a reason to change the process. Players and their managers willfully included those clauses in contracts, knowing that the voting process for the ASG is a popularity contest. So if players want to be less liable for strange processes in the voting they should just put in different clauses in their contracts, or make sure they become popular enought to be voted on!

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