Celtics sign Jarvis Varnado

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Celtics sign Jarvis Varnado

The Celtics have signed the NCAA all-time leader in blocks, former Mississippi State bigman Jarvis Varnado. Varnado has been playing in the D-League this year, playing reasonably well, averaging 14 points 10 boards and 4 blocks. This move comes after Chris Wilcox's thumb injury, so Varnado will give the Celtics more depth in the frontcourt.

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I think he has a chance to

I think he has a chance to stick and be this years Greg Steimsma; huge fan of his I will never forget when he almost singlehandedly took out John Wall and crew 3 years ago, that was one of the best games in recent memory IMO

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Varnado was fun to watch in

Varnado was fun to watch in college, he would swat everything. The key for him now is to focus on playing within a defensive system and not committing fouls. So many college bigs struggle to develop the refinement needed to operate in defensive sets, and often end up biting on too many shots. (i.e Thabeet).

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