Celtics to sign Carlos Arroyo?

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Celtics to sign Carlos Arroyo?

Might actually be a good pick up but could have probably picked up.

I thought Larry Hughes would be a better pick up if he's in shape.

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Eh this signing doesn't

Eh this signing doesn't really matter. Come playoff time Rondo will be playing over 40 minutes a game, and West will get the remainder of those minutes. This move is just to cut back on Rondo's minutes during the regular season. Sad to think that the guy sitting at the very end of the bench for the Celtics *if he signs* was starting for the Heat.

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lol. Right.

Yeah he is there if Avery Bradley falters to much as the 3rd PG. It's a good safe pick up. Arroyo was lightsout from 3 this season, and plays decent, but not great D. He is a ball mover wich fits right in with what the C's like to do. They will like his shooting if he picks up where he left off with the Heat in terms of the 3 ball.

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