Celtics and Heat; What's the diff?

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Celtics and Heat; What's the diff?

The two main differences at the beginning of the season for the Heat and Celtics was experience and size at the center position.

The experience thing will always be unmatched until the Celtics retire but the Heat have gotten better since then.

Now the main different and advantage the Celtics had? Size. With Perkins, Shaq, and Jermaine, it seemed as if they had a completely unfair advantage on the Heat if they ever met in the playoffs. After Kendrick was traded and Shaq has been injured, it's up to Jermaine and Krstic to beat the Heat, IF they meet in the second round.

Anthony, Ilgauskas, and Dampier have played very well, each of them having a different role and making defenses adjust accordingly to each individual player.

And boy did it show yetsterady.

Krstic and Jermaine combined for 2 points and 1 rebound while Ilgauskas and Anthony went for 15 points and 15 rebounds. Joel Anthony was out there tipping and slapping offensive rebounds, running the floor well, and finishing around the rim. Ilgauskas was rebounding well, tipping balls in, and hitting the mid range J. The Heat benched completely destroyed the Celtics bench 32 - 12.

The Heat THRASHED the Celtics and not only that, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh both had BAD games. Wade with 14, 11 points below his average. Chris Bosh with 13, 6 points below his average.

Has the Celtics size advantage been thrown out the window now that Kendrick has been traded and Shaq is constantly injured? Who wins in a playoff series?

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