Cavs/Mike Brown

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Cavs/Mike Brown

As a Cavs fan I dont know what to think of the Mike Brown hire. I think they should have given Byron one more year to see what he can do with a healthy squad. I understand the hire because he knows defense and really there was no one else out there (Phil Jackson is not an idiot). But anyone who watched the cavs when he was here before knows the offense was at times unwatchable. That could be browns fault or the fact that lebron was actually coaching the team.

Just wondering what people think of the hire and also who you think the cavs should draft. Im thinking either Porter as the ultimate glue guy or Bazz because i think his game will translate well and he wont need to create for himself as much.

Bottom line the cavs need to show progress next year. I dont even care if they miss the playoffs because the next draft will be stacked, but it would be cool to see the cavs face the heat in the first round, almost like the thunder vs lakers a few years ago.

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To be honest, I never

To be honest, I never understood why the Cavs fired Brown in the first place........ it wasn't like he was losing, he's a pretty good coach.

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Although Mike Brown is known

Although Mike Brown is known as a great defensive coach, he has had some inexcusable defense lapses like in 2009 when he helped the Magic win the Eastern Conference finals thanks to his ridiculous defensive matchups. Brown had Lebron who's 6'8" guarding Rafer Alston who is 6'2", Mo Williams who is is 6'1" defended Mikael Pietrus who is 6'6", and Delonte West who is 6'3" guarded Hedo Turkoglu who is 6'10". It was quite possibly the worst set of defensive matchups that I remember seeing a coach implement. Hedo ran all over Delonte West causing Lebron to need to help constantly which in turn let Rafer Alston tear it up. Most coaches would've done better simply by each man defending the guy closer to his height, but Mike Brown had a better idea.

It's nice of Dan Gilbert to give Brown a second chance and hopefully Brown can grow as a coach on both ends of the court and validate the second chance.

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i have no idea why they think

i have no idea why they think mike brown is a better fit for that team than byron scott. the team has barely any talent outside of kyrie, i don't know what they expected this year. byrons a good coach especially for point guards. dumb move.

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