Cavaliers/Bobcats/Trailblazers scenario

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Cavaliers/Bobcats/Trailblazers scenario

Dion Waiters doesn't fit well next to Kyrie Irving in my opinion and Charlotte needs offense in the baddest way

The Cavaliers own the 1st pick in the draft and Ben McLemore is the best player in the draft and fits perfectly next to Irving as an off the ball catch and shoot finishing wing

I suggest a swap of Dion Waiters to the Charlotte Bobcats for the #4 pick in the draft. Cleveland then selects Ben McLemore at #1 and then trade back with Portland to #10 who want to come up and get Victor Oladipo. Cleveland then takes Cody Zeller to add some offense in the frontcourt at #10 and then at #19, #31 and #33 they take Shane Larkin(back up PG), Reggie Bullock(3 and D wing) and Glen Rice Jr.(high ceiling project)

The Cleveland Cavaliers core would be

G- Kyrie Irving
G- Ben McLemore
C- Cody Zeller
F- Tristan Thompson
C- Anderson Varejao
F- Alonzo Gee
G- Shane Larkin
F- Reggis Bullock
F- Glen Rice Jr.

that is a very solid top 9 and though 5 are rookies you can make a case for them making a playoff push while adding in 2 or 3 vets to ease the transition

As for the Bobcats they have Dion Waiters be the 6th Man with Gerald Henderson and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist locking down the wings to start the game, Kemba at the point, Biyombo upfront with likely some help via free agency or a trade to get a nice scoring compliment.

The Blazers would put Oladipo at 2 going forward with Lillard-Oladipo-Batum-Aldridge-Leonard, not a bad unit with Wes Matthews still being there and Eric Maynor as well.

but anyway if I'm Cleveland thats what I'm trying to do, if I'm Charlotte I prefer Waiters to anyone at #4 if McLemore is gone and Portland loves Oladipo so they have to go get him


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I think you omitted what Cleveland would be getting in return for the #4 pick from Charlotte traded to the Blazers. Theyre not just going to trade Dion for a #4 pick then trade back for nothing besides a later pick.

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And the bobcats get.......nothing,

This trade is great ..........unless your a bobcat fun then its garbage. You give up the 4# draft pick for a back that's a bad shooter that can't start on a bad team.........that's stupid.

Other then that everyone else comes out great. This will never happen. Even MJ (GOAT) isn't stupid enough to do this!!!

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Dion isn't as good a fit as

Dion isn't as good a fit as McLemore could be with Kyrie, but they've been ranked the 3rd best backcourt in the league. Why fix something that isn't broken? Also, there is 0% chance the Cavs bring in any more than 2 rookies from this draft. Chris Grant has made that a point.

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