Cavaliers reach out to Phil Jackson

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Cavaliers reach out to Phil Jackson

First off, let it be known that Cavs fans understand this most likely will not happen. Phil's always been in the spotlight of major markets and has had top players in the league. As good as Kyrie is, he's not Kobe (in his prime) or Jordan.

However, what does everyone think about this? Dan Gilbert is a spender and if Phil is truly serious about taking a leadership/front office job and having say-so in a team, Dan's definitely the guy that would grant him that freedom because he wants to win. Keep in mind Dan Gilbert just bought the shares of the 2nd largest shareholder of the Cavs, so he could always give Phil a hefty chunk of the team if he were truly interested.

Now, again, I don't see it happening. Just wanted to open it up for discussion!

Would Phil actually be interested? And what would the Cavs have to do to lure him to Cleveland?

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no way interested, your team has to have a finals chance.

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No chance. And nearly every

No chance. And nearly every owner in the league would take on Phil as GM as well. So Cavs have nothing much to offer.

But really, I don't think he is coming back to any team but the Lakers. They guy has serious physical problems and all the money he could possibly ever want. He should stay retired. And he should write a book about basketball strategy.

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I don't think he wants to

I don't think he wants to leave LA and he and Jim Buss have burnt that bridge so the natural answer is the Clippers. I know he wants to be in a front office position but Del Negros contract is up at the end of the year, just saying.

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The only way I see this

The only way I see this happening is if the Cavs really think they have a chance of Lebron actually coming back to Cleveland in 2014. I mean, why wouldn't Lebron want to play for arguably the greates basketball coach ever? As well as one of the best young point guards in the game. Plus him, Phil and Kyrie could give Cleveland what he promised them, an NBA championship. Maybe they think Phil could attract Lebron back to Cleveland. Phil isn't going to entertain something unless he feels confident in it producing positive results.

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