Cartoons with logic Vol1. Goku

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Cartoons with logic Vol1. Goku

Goku- "Are y'all going to just stand there or are y'all gonna show me some love"

The nerve of this cat... Of course he'd act this way if his wife and son are too shook to keep him in check for all the ish he puts them through. Let's welcome this deadbeat back with open arms, while we toil by just to make a living...

Goten don't realize that once Goku sensed his chi inside Chichi's womb, he stayed dead for seven years. Talk about feeling unwanted.

seriously...dude literally rather stay dead than raise his seeds

he saw chi chi was pregnant and was likewhoa_zpsa74d81e9.png

This guy is worse than any dad in the hood.....dead like 4 times, in and out of your life randomly. Got the kids fighting and s%#@. talkin bout "Fight Cell, Gohan" Piccolo was like photo mindblown_zpsbc74950b.png

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He ditched his family to

He ditched his family to train Uub too.

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