Caris LeVert

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Caris LeVert

Happy to see him out there balling. It was unfortunate for him to start his NBA career injured but seeing him redeem himself is a blast. If he keeps this up, he has a chance to be the Nets primary got-to-guy in the coming years. What are your thoughts on him? Like his ceiling.

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Caris would likely have gone

Caris would likely have gone higher in the draft but for injuries during his last two years with Michigan. He has taken his time to settle into the NBA but has made good progression each year, as he is 24 now he should be maturing into a good NBA player.

He's not on a contending team as such but the Nets are rebuilding and he needs a strong year as they might target top FAs next summer. Plus he'll be eligible for an extension next year so this is the perfect time to have a breakout year.

I don't see him as an All Star level player but he can get a good 2nd contract as a complimentary starter or best case senario top running mate to a star player. He should hopefully continue to have a good NBA career over the next few years.

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The key is if you have a vet

The key is if you have a vet on your team & Indiana is interested, you make the trade.....

Caris Levert (20th pick) traded from Indiana for Thaddeus Young

Kawhi Leonard (15th pick) traded from Indiana for George Hill

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Nets: stop playing decently.

Nets: stop playing decently. You actually own your own pick for once.

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