Can you rate my team?

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Can you rate my team?

H2H Pts, FG%, FT% 3's Reb Ast Stl Blk TO

Kyrie Irving PG

Stephen Curry PG,SG

Andre Iguodala SF, SG

Al Horford C,PF

Dwight Howard C

Klay Thompson SG

Anthony Davis PF

Roy Hibbert C

Darren Collison PG

Dion Waiters SG

Kenneth Faried PF

Ricky Rubio PG

Jameer Nelson PG

Derrick Rose PG IR

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whut iz this??

Smh! :-(

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Hello Guys i think that issue

Hello Guys i think that issue is amazing and its bring more benefit for the success of any team and every nation should so that it rate his team like performance of his players and so on to improve their performance and get the chances of victory.Thanks a lot!!

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