Can Jokic win MVP ?

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Can Jokic win MVP ?

He is beasting - almost a triple double most nights.

Denver have a great record and he doesn't log as many minutes as some of the other MVP candidates.

When was the last time a second rounder or an Inter won league MVP ?

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Dirk won MVP 06-07 season

International players: Dirk won MVP 06-07 season. Nash 2 years in a row right before Dirk. Hakeen back in the day.

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Apparently, Willis Reed is

Apparently, Willis Reed is the only 2nd rounder to win MVP but he was 8th overall pick in the draft. Steve Nash was 15th and the lowest so far. Isaiah Thomas was close a few years ago finishing 5th in voting.

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I think he is in the 2nd tier

I think he is in the 2nd tier conversation of MVP, but if Denver keeps it up all year he has to be in consideration. Right now I think award is between Giannis, Harden, PG13.

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Jokic is perhaps the most fundamentally talented player in the league. The things he's able to do as a relatively non-athletic 7 footer is amazing. The guy is practically a Point-Center.

With that being said, he's not as much of a household name as he should be and his lower minutes affects his stats compared to others, so on paper he's on the outside looking in. But to the eye test the guy is a once in a generation type of player.

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He won't win it..not because

He won't win it..not because he doesn't deserve it but because he doesn't get enough attention. MVP voted on by the media, how many articles or pub have you seen the media giving this guy? ZERO...

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The way the nba is played now

The way the nba is played now I think its almost impossible for a big man to win an MVP. Theres just too much that guards and forwards do, along with a lot of them scoring a lot more than Jokic. It's possible but I really cant imagine him getting a look unless hes scoring around 25 points a game and doing all this as well. Triple doubles are a big deal but you gotta remember the big 3 in MVP voting. Narrative, Best player on Best team, and stats. Narrative wise he just doesn't get the pub of a lot of players yet. Best player best team, hes the best player on Denver but its hard to say theyre the best team (Top 5 helps though). Stats, triple doubles are cool but he isnt averaging one even if seven assists for a center is amazing. Also gotta remember that Russ avaraged over 30 points a game when he got his. I think Jokic has to step it up in the first and third category a bit and then we can talk MVP. People will always look at points first.

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