Cam'ron Was Ranked In The Top 25 of Class of 94 High School Rankings?

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Cam'ron Was Ranked In The Top 25 of Class of 94 High School Rankings?

I just finished watching his Breakfast Club interview on Power 105 and he stated that he was ranked in top 25 in his class. Is there any truth to this? Anywhere to view old class rankings?

I want to say Iverson was #1 that year unless they took him out of rankings because of his legal troubles not allowing him to play senior year.

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Cameron Giles

I am not sure of his ranking in '94 (as i couldn't find any info on that); however I did find a NY Times article from '92 discussing Manhattan Center (Cam'Ron & Mase's Team) defeating Lincoln HS (a Stephon Marbury led team - who was a freshman at the time) to go to the state finals.

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I posted about this awhile

I posted about this awhile ago but the original video is deleted.


If you don't like rap or cursing mute it.

skip to 1:55 for the game

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Mase's facial expressions are

Mase's facial expressions are hilarious. But yeah I've seen this before at the beginning of Killa Season, I believe.

Who the hell is that terrible rapper?

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In the words of Cam'ron...OH BOY!

Knew he could ball...but don't think there's any truth to Camron Ezike Giles being top 25 in the class. He might have been a 5th year senior (not sure) he could have possibly been ranked with them instead.

Class of 1994 #1 recruit was Felipe Lopez...but Allen Iverson obviously became the man from the class. His legal troubles in HS kept him under the radar (somewhat)

Some other notable players from the class:

Antoine Walker- gambled all his money away...dang bro (smh)
Rael LaFrentz - better last name then player..but still had a decent career
Adonal Foyle - was SUPER hyped back in the no avil however
Lorenzen Wright - was murdered a while back. Actually called 911 as it happened. Very disturbing recording. RIP Lorenzen
Samaki Walker - never fullfiled his potential despite playing in the league
Maurice Taylor - was involved in car accident with a bunch of other U of M players & recruits that was quite controversial at the time
Trajan Langdon - never panned out in the NBA...but is one of the best players of all-time in Europe
Steve Wojciechowski- Coach K key recruiter now a days
Tony Gonzalez - Yes...that Tony Gonzalez...2nd most receptions in NFL history!
Chris Herren - had the espn 3030 documentary a while back...great talent...fell into a battle with drugs...has battled back nicely though
Bryce Drew - head coach for Valpo
Toby Bailey - was a high flyer at UCLA
Bonzi Wells - decent NBA career
Miles Simon - MOP of 1997 Final Four
Mark Madsen - if you remember his Laker days...he might be the worse dancer in history :(
Scott Padgett - glue guy (if that)
Tyson Wheeler - always liked his game...real fast point guard...hence the last name

There are some more...but these are just a few of the top players from the class...Cam Cam no where to be found....Holla at your boy!

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Cam was about top 25 in NYC

Cam was about top 25 in NYC in his last 2 years of h.s.
I am 2 years older than him and played with him and everyone else in NYC from that era. He was actually viewed as a better player for his age as a freshman and soph.

He went to Navarro j.c in Texas for about a semester. He was home for good after a melee involving a flying chair. Never played anywhere else after that, but considering he owns half of Harlem probably didn't work out too bad for him.

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And by the way just saw that

And by the way just saw that the headline says 94....he must be lying about his age (like most entertainers) as well as his accomplishments because he was out of school in 92

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He's full of it

I think Cam'ron (Cameron Giles) is lying. Im sure he was a good player in high school (maybe a 2 or 3 star recruit) but for starters, he beat stephon marburys team when Stephon was a freshman. It doesn't take a top 25 senior to do that. Also, I found Hoopscoop's rankings for the top 100 seniors back in 1994 and he didn't even make the top 100. Generally speaking, if you don't make the top 100, you probably weren't top 25 on anyone else's list. Here is the rankings below,


Position Player Height Class Hometown (High School) State College

First Team
F Zendon Hamilton 6'10 94 Floral Park (Sewanhaka) NY St. John's
F Jerod Ward 6'9 94 Clinton (H.S.) MS Michigan
G Antoine Walker 6'9 94 Chicago (Mt. Carmel) IL Kentucky
G Felipe Lopez 6'5 94 New York (Rice) NY St. John's
G Kareem Reed 5'8 94 Bronx (St. Raymond's) NY Arkansas

Second Team
C Rael LaFrentz 6'10 94 Monona (M-F-L) IA Kansas
C Danny Fortson 6'9 94 Pittsburgh (Shaler) PA Cincinnati
C Adonal Foyle 6'9 94 Hamilton (Central) NY Colgate
F Andrae Patterson 6'9 94 Abeline (Cooper) TX Indiana
G Michael Spruell 6'2 94 Albany (H.S.) GA Providence

Third Team
C Lorenzen Wright 6'10 94 Memphis (Washington) TN Memphis State
F Samaki Walker 6'9 94 Columbus (Whitehall) OH Louisville
F Luther Clay 6'7 94 Pittsfield (Maine Central Institute) ME
F Alex Sanders 6'7 94 Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill) VA Louisville
G Jelani Gardner 6'5 94 Bellfower (St. John Bosco) CA California

Fourth Team
F Maceo Baston 6'9 94 Dallas (Spruce) TX Michigan
C Corey Louis 6'9 94 Miami (Northwestern) FL Florida State
F Maurice Taylor 6'8 94 Detroit (Henry Ford) MI Michigan
F Willie Mitchell 6'8 94 Detroit (Pershing) MI Michigan
G Curtis Staples 6'1 94 Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill) VA Virginia

Fifth Team
C Omm'a Givens 6'10 94 Aberdeen (H.S.) WA UCLA
F Norman Nolan 6'7 94 Baltimore (Dunbar) MD Virginia
F Charlie Miller 6'6 94 Miami (South Miami) FL Indiana
F Mark Young 6'5 94 Baton Rouge (McKinley) LA Kansas State
G Ricky Price 6'4 94 Gardena (Serra) CA Duke

Sixth Team
F Tremaine Fowlkes 6'7 94 Los Angeles (Crenshaw) CA California
F Jerry Gee 6'7 94 Chicago (St. Martin DePorres) IL Illinois
F Mike Maddox 6'7 94 College Park (Mays) IL Georgia Tech
G Trajan Langdon 6'4 94 Anchorange (East) AK Duke
G Steve Wojciechowski 5'11 94 Baltimore (Cardinal Gibbons) MD Duke

Seventh Team
C Jahidi White 6'9 94 St. Louis (Cardinal Ritter) MO Georgetown
F Tony Gonzalez 6'6 94 Huntington Beach (H.S.) CA California
G Lamar Greer 6'5 94 Cape May Court House (Middle Township) NJ Florida State
G Bryant Notree 6'4 94 Chicago (Simeon) IL Illinois
G Chris Herren 6'3 94 Fall River (Durfee) MA Boston College

Eighth Team
F Kris Johnson 6'5 94 Los Angeles (Crenshaw) CA UCLA
G Kevin Simpson 6'5 94 Baltimore (Southern) MD
G D'Juan Baker 6'3 94 Arlington (Martin) TX Oklahoma State
G Kellii Taylor 6'1 94 Washington (Archbishop Carroll) DC Pittsburgh
G Prince Fowler 5'11 94 Las Vegas (Western) NV Oklahoma

Ninth Team
F Chris Manuel 6'8 94 New Iberia (H.S.) LA Southwestern La.
F Leron Williams 6'8 94 Brandenton (Southeast) FL Florida
F Tyrone Nesby 6'7 94 Cairo (H.S.) IL Louisville
G Neil Reed 6'3 94 Metairie (East Jefferson) LA Indiana
G Kendrick Moore 6'2 94 Hartford (Public) CT Missouri

Tenth Team
F Rashad Tucker 6'7 94 Carbondale (H.S.) IL Lincoln JC
F Lynard Stewart 6'7 94 Philadelphia (Simon Gratz) PA Temple
G Ishua Benjamin 6'5 94 Concord (H.S.) NC N.C. State
G Bryce Drew 6'3 94 Valparaiso (H.S.) IN Valparaiso
G Johnny Miller 6'1 94 Quarrysville (Solanco) PA Temple

Eleventh Team
G Toby Bailey 6'5 94 Los Angeles (Loyola) CA UCLA
F Bonzi Wells 6'4 94 Muncie (Central) IN Ball State
G Sam Jacobson 6'4 94 Cottage Grove (Park) MN Minnesota
G Miles Simon 6'4 94 Santa Ana (Mater Dei) CA Arizona
G Michael Hermon 6'4 94 Chicago (Martin Luther King) IL

Twelfth Team
F Bobby Brannen 6'7 94 Cincinnati (Moeller) OH Cincinnati
G Allen Edwards 6'4 94 Miami (Senior) FL Kentucky
F James Head 6'6 94 Canton (Plymouth Salem) MI Iowa
G Duane Woodward 6'3 94 Bayside (Cardozo) NY Boston College
G Eric Harris 6'1 94 Bronx (St. Raymond's) NY Minnesota

Thirteenth Team
C Eric Lee 6'11 94 Indianola (Gentry) MS UNLV
F Robert Lazor 6'8 94 Norwich (H.S.) NY Syracuse
F Eric Johnson 6'4 94 Cincinnati (Woodward) OH Louisville
G Jerry Nichols 6'4 94 Jackon (Lanier) MS Georgetown
G Troy Hudson 6'0 94 Carbondale (H.S.) IL Missouri

Fourteenth Team
C Tim Young 7'1 94 Santa Cruz (Harbor) CA Stanford
F Mark Madsen 6'8 94 Danville (San Ramon) CA Stanford
F J.R. Henderson 6'8 94 Bakersfield (East Bakersfield) CA UCLA
G Rod Willie 6'3 94 Huntsville (Lee) AL UAB
G Roderick Blakney 5'10 94 Hartsville (H.S.) SC South Carolina State

Fifteenth Team
F Scott Padgett 6'9 94 Louisville (St. Xavier) KY Kentucky
G Tarik Turner 6'5 94 Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill) VA St. John's
G Pete Lisicky 6'3 94 Whitehall (H.S.) PA Penn State
G Stephen Goolsby 6'2 94 Marietta (H.S.) GA Wake Forest
G Cameron Murray 6'1 94 Glendora (H.S.) CA USC

Sixteenth Team
F Michael Floyd 6'9 94 Winston-Salem (Glenn) NC Clemson
F Chester Surles 6'8 94 Saginaw (Buena Vista) MI Nebraska
G Antonio Granger 6'4 94 Detroit (Denby) MI Boston College
G Drew Maddux 6'4 94 Madison (Goodpasture) TN Vanderbilt
G Shawn Smith 5'10 94 Philadelphia (Simon Gratz) PA

Seventeenth Team
F Kelvin Price 6'9 94 New Ilberia (H.S.) LA Southwestern La.
F Jason Skaer 6'7 94 Deek Park (H.S.) TX Oklahoma State
F Maurice McCree 6'6 94 Detroit (MacKenzie) MI Oklahoma
G Brien Hanley 6'2 94 Jeffersonville (H.S.) IN Xavier
G Tommie Davis 5'8 94 Los Angeles (Fremont) CA Houston

Eighteenth Team
C Mickey Curley 6'9 94 Duxbury (H.S.) MA Boston College
G Chris Snowden 6'2 94 Waterproof (H.S.) LA Southwestern La.
G Jerry Braswell 6'1 94 Cuthbert (Randolph Clay) GA Wake Forest
G Eggie McRae 5'11 94 Boston (East Boston) MA
G Tyson Wheeler 5'10 94 New London (H.S.) CT Rhode Island

Nineteenth Team
C Greg Helmers 6'11 94 Palmer (Pomeroy) IA Iowa
F Galen Robinson 6'8 94 Houston (MacArthur) TX Houston
F Louis Richardson 6'7 94 Louisville (Moore) KY Jones JC
G Rasiheed Arnold 6'4 94 Philadelphia (Franklin Learning Ctr.) PA
G Marcus Bloom 5'11 94 Middletown (Xavier) CT

Twentieth Team
C Donnell Harris 6'9 94 Salinas (North) CA Arizona
G Damon Jones 6'3 94 Galveston (Ball) TX Houston
G Chris Griffin 6'2 94 Sacramento (Jesuit) CA Washington State
G Kenny Bozeman 6'2 94 Dayton (Dunbar) OH Miami-OH
G DeShawn Standard 5'11 94 Pleasure Ridge Park (H.S.) KY Cornell

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High School Rankings

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Throughout this time Cam'ron

Throughout this time Cam'ron was not speaking to his fellow civil servant members Juelz Santana and Jim Jones, leading to conjecture that the cluster had broken up. Green Supply Chain

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