Bynum goes off for 29 and 13 as Lakers beat Nuggets 92-89

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Bynum goes off for 29 and 13 as Lakers beat Nuggets 92-89

I didn't catch most of the game, but saw that Bynum had 29 and 13 on 13-18 shooting, in just 32 minutes of play. Even though they only won by three and were down by two heading into the 4th, this is a very encouraging sign to me. Kobe was 6-18, Metta World Peace was 0-8, and the Lakers needed Bynum to carry them. Gasol had a good day, 17 points on 7-10 shooting. If they can restablish the inside game, that'll open things up for Kobe outside. Although it is a b it disturbing to me that they have to start Matt Barnes. But I think in the end they'll be fine. They have shooters, but they do need more than just Kobe to be able to create his own shot. World Peace has been great this season until today. This may just be one good game, but hopfully he'll stay healthy and this dominant.

And Timofey Mozgov started for Denver today he had 8 and 10 in 26 minutes of play. He had a really good game last year when the Knicks had a bunch of guys injured, and I think that Mozgov will develop into a solid big, and he will help Denver to a Playoff spot, and Denver should get help in a couple months when Chandler comes back, and will probably match any offer for him.

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He's a different breed.

He's a different breed.

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42 & 15 Flashback

This brings back memories of the healthy Bynum when he hit 42 & 15 on the clippers. Hope he can continue this!

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I don't think Mike Brown gets

I don't think Mike Brown gets it... "Ron Artest" is not the type of player you bring off the bench. He's not an energy guy, he's not a spark, he's not a 2nd-unit leader.

He's a guy that you start and keep a spark BEHIND him so you can switch off defense/offense.

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metta played his best 4 game

metta played his best 4 game stretch in years this year off the bench until today. He even asked to come off the bench before the lockout ended. Fact is metta isnt that great anymore period. I dont trust him starting. Off the bench where he either plays within the offense or sits is how it should be.

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Big move for MWP/Artest to

Big move for MWP/Artest to request coming off the bench, it shows perhaps he knows what his best role is and almost voluntered to take over the Odom role. Bynum coming back strongly is a huge boost for the Lakers but is he a post Kobe building point or a trade bait?

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Injuries or not, you gotta believe tgat Bynum's trade value is going up! Teams will salivate with another one of these performances..

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Bynum is the 2nd best center

Bynum is the 2nd best center in the nba and he had been healthy the last 3 years he might challenge Howard for the nba's best center,his problem has been staying healthy..In fact i think Bynum has better post moves than Howard...But Howard is way ahead of him on the defensive end...

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I agree RUDEBOY and I think

I agree RUDEBOY and I think if Laker can add some more piece with that trade exception and Luke Walton expiring, they may have another finals run in them.

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Luck was not with Gallinari

Luck was not with Gallinari that game, he had the oppurtunity to tie the game with his go ahead lay.up, but unfortunately it rattled out of the ring

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Work on that left hand SON!

Work on that left hand SON!

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Bynum was incredible in this game, watched whole game and all I can say is that its Bynum's victory. Lakers had cold a shooting night from outside the paint. In the third quarter when Denver was leading 73-71 Lakers were made 1/17 three pointers although Denver was not good either with 4/17.

Kobe didnt had good shooting night, he scored his first points only in the middle of 2 quarter although then he scored 6 in a row and had a nice bounce pass of double team to McRoberts for an easy layup. Howewer, he did great job of distributing the ball especially off pick and rolls when both big and small defenders went on him.

The Man of the game was Bynum. From the beggining of the game he was being fed by his teammates and he didnt miss his shots. Have to say he was extremely efficient and simple in the low post: maintains position, gets the ball, couple of shoulder fakes, bangs a few dribbles, again few fakes and a shot with either hand, Denver's bigman just couldnt stop him, I actually rembember the situation when he literally had 4 defenders on him and the fifth was coming and he still made it lol.

The fourth quarter was a clinic. At one point Denver had 5 or 6 points lead and Lakers were trying to shoot from the distance which didnt work out. Bynum stepped up big he got like 3 or 4 big offensive rebounds during that stretch and was crucial in the win. I mean CRUCIAL wouldnt he got those boards it would be over.

And Galinari, yeah that was a 100% layup but just didnt make it, I was kind of suprised that after he saw that he missed he didnt started hitting basket construction where he fell or pulling up his hair this causes me some concerns about his winning atitude

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Also watched Almost the whole

Also watched Almost the whole game(flipped between that and UCLA vs Stanford man UCLA is and Stanford has no scorers but pretty good defenders) and Bynum looked like a man among boys. He is the second best center when he is healthy and getting the ball. He's actually a better offensive player (skills wise) than Howard is with his post moves and jumper. I Think he is trade bait to Orlando but at the same time if he plays like this the whole season he is not getting traded.

Artets is looking good as a off the bench player, last game he decided to go outside of what has been working for him and shoot jumpers instead of posting and driving. The Lakers overall look like a better team this year then they do last year and a better bench. Troy can rebound and shoot, McRoberts is a better Mark Madsen, Kapono can hit open threes.

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