Butler to Cavs ?

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Butler to Cavs ?

From a money and players perspective I would have to say, strangely enough, the Cavs are the East team with the largest variety of assets to land Jimmy Butler and then convince him to stay.

The T-Wolves could get Kevin Love back. He's locked up on a nice long term contract. Minny does have trouble getting guys to come up there. He could slide into more of a stretch position as he ages. Then they could add either George Hill or Jordan Clarkson plus Cedi Osman or Rodney Hood and/or Sam Decker which would allow the Cavs to also take on Gorgui Dieng, who the T-Wolves are trying to include in any deal for Butler. There would probably be a pick involed as well.

This would leave the Cavs with enough on the roster to compete in the East. They would still have Collin Sexton, Larry Nance Jr., all their other Vets, and whoever is not traded from the list above. If you could add Butler to that group I think they could make some noise.

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Without adding Sexton or Love

Without adding Sexton or Love I dont think the Cavs can put together a package that would interest the Wolves. Not saying any of those guys are bad players or have no value just saying the Wolves have been asking for alot and none of those players hold a ton of value on their own.

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Jimmy Butler

I don't get why the Wolves are asking for a moon for a trade. If they think they can get someone like what the Spurs got in exchange for Kawhi (Kawhi is way better than Jimmy Butler), they better stop it now. Once the season progresses, Jimmy's trade value will fall down.

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Thibs doesn't want to trade

Thibs doesn't want to trade him so he's trying to buy time by asking for the moon. Ultimately the owner will step in and probably make a poor deal.

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I really think Charlotte

I really think Charlotte should try and make an offer. They always have these middling players and OK young players on cheap deals but no real stars with the exception of Kemba. What they have may actually be enough to entice Minny though as they have their star in KAT. He just needs support. So, with that being said...

MKG Zeller Kaminsky Monk future 1st for Butler and Dieng

The positives for Minny - if MKG doesnt work out, his deal expires anyway. Zeller is a poor starter but a good backup. Kaminsky can potnetially partner KAT up front. Jury is out on Monk but he has potential, they get a future first round pick plus they shed Dieng's contract.

The positives for Charlotte is they finally get a star in there and help Kemba. A lineup of Walker, Butler, Bridges, Batum and Dieng with Lamb, Hernangomez, Bacon and Parker off the bench can be a playoff team in the East.

Jimmy may walk, but at this stage, the Hornets are in NBA purgatory and need to do something desperately.

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I've been thinking Charlotte the past week or so......

I think Kemba & Jimmy would be a really interesting 1-2 punch & could vault them into the Indiana / Milwaukee conversation for 4-6 seed in the East.

The problem is Jimmy's resistence to sign after the year. Charlotte does not have a clear path to contention with their peripheral players..... nor the track record that they can build a contender. Although I kind of like what Bridges has shown this preseason & Monk is sorta interesting.

I'm also liking Washington a little more too. I think Oubre, Mahinmi, Morris & a future first for Dieng & Butler.

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If I’m the cavs I don’t even

If I’m the cavs I don’t even do a straight swap for love-Butler. Here’s a guy who wants to grab the biggest pay check he can and is proven to be a mediocre team man at best, he’s not in this for the rebuild! Keep Love and let him loose post lebron!

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Hill and Sexton for Butler

Hill and Sexton for Butler would be a decent offer IMO. Hill is the sort of guy Thibs likes and his virtually unguaranteed deal for next year would be a nice trade chip. Or even Butler for K-Love plus salary fillers. K-Love goes home and if Butler moves on, the Cavs go into rebuild.

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Sorry but all of us up in MN remember Love. We don't want him back. And Thibs sure don't want him. He has enough players already not wanting to play defense.

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Butler to Orlando

for Terrence Ross, Jonathan Simmons and DJ Augustin? No enough of a star take back for MIN, but those players fit in around Wiggins and KAT

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Simmons is a decent role

Simmons is a decent role player, could even start on any team and hold his own but its not enough. Augustin is a backup PG and is not a better option then their current backup Rose, Ross is a poster child for unfulfilled potential and isnt even a qaulity backup at this point despite starting 90% of his games for Orlando last year. Minnesota would probably ask for Isaac in return or some picks along with Simmons.

They want something they can bank on and invest in like a proven allstar type talent or player with allstar type potential. I think thier best bet is trying to trade for Porter Jr with Washington (saw someone suggest that it sounded good for both sides). Not sure if thats enough for them though.

If Minnesota had a need at C moving Butler would become alot easier as thier seems to be a ton of C's on the market. Vucevic, Favors, Whiteside just off the top of the head.

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If I had to deal with the Cavs...

The big if I was forced into a trade with the cavs this would be what I personally would ask for:

Tristan Thompson-1 year left on his deal after this season.

Rodney hood-Could play what ever spot Wiggins doesn't

+ 2 picks(top 3 protected only)


Butler and Dieng.

Its not the ideal deal but at least you do the following: move diengs deal,get cap flex,Get two needs a bench center and starting level Sg/SF and you move Butler out east

Personally I wouldn't trade him to the cavs though. I would call Clippers,Nuggets,Nets,Magic and the Suns before I even talk to the Cavs.

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