Bruce Pearl Fired

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Bruce Pearl Fired

Where does he go, brose?

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Oklahoma potentially,

Oklahoma potentially, apparently they want Buzz Williams but Pearl would be a great consolation prize.

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hoping providence, he could

hoping providence, he could change the program around like Pitino and Barnes

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I know there have been issues

I know there have been issues regarding NCAA regulations being broken by Bruce Pearl and it has been said that he will go after a meeting with his college's Sporting Director. But for most colleges would it be the Sporting Director who could sack any Head Coach from any sport who works effectively under him or would it come from the college's Principal/Dean or Board of Governors/Board of Trustees.

Being from the UK we don't really have college sports so I wondered how the Head Coach fits into the hierachy as often the Gridiron/Basketball Coach is probably the highest paid staff member of the college and if he reported to the Sporting Director then does the Sporting Director report to the College's Principal etc.

The Front Office system in US Sport is fairly similar to UK sport although we have Managers rather than Head Coaches and the appointment of Sporting Directors/General Managers eg equal to Vice President of Basketball etc is a newer thing but is becoming increasingly popular.

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Scotty Hopson GONE! Tobias

Scotty Hopson GONE! Tobias Harris GONE!

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On vacation. Then when the

On vacation.

Then when the Vol fans revolt and kill their athletic director, the new AD won't be so stupid and they'll hire him back.

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Anybody else seeing Brad

Anybody else seeing Brad stevens going to either Tennesse or NC state.......

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