"Brothers of Destruction" James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon defended their USC tag team titles in Spokane.

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"Brothers of Destruction" James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon defended their USC tag team titles in Spokane.

Credit to MikeyV for putting me on to this story

Two USC basketball players were involved in a fight early Sunday morning that reportedly led to the hospitalization of four people in Spokane, Wash. No arrests have been made.

Witness reports have differed as to the cause of the fight, which involved two USC centers — 7-foot-1 senior James Blasczyk and 7-foot junior Dewayne Dedmon. Blasczyk reportedly got "jumped," which led to a larger brawl and Dedmon's involvement. Other witnesses blamed the players.

Neither player had been suspended from the team or disciplined for curfew violations as of late Sunday evening. USC officials and coaches declined to comment and cited the need for further investigation.

USC's basketball team lost to Washington State in Pullman late Saturday afternoon, then made the 90-minute drive to Spokane, where the Trojans stayed overnight before flying home Sunday morning.

The Spokesman-Review newspaper reported Sunday that police have not determined the participants' roles in the brawl, nor even confirmed whether USC players were involved.

Noel Macapagal, an employee at one of the two bars where the fighting took place, told KREM-TV that the young men involved said "they were with USC. They were shouting anti-Spokane rhetoric." Macapagal also said one of the alleged victims suffered a broken jaw and another, a woman, had a broken nose.

Macapagal expressed frustration and claimed police did not respond to the brawl in a timely manner nor visit the USC team hotel.

Spokane Police Officer John Gately told the Spokesman-Review that detectives will review on-location interviews.

The Trojans play Wednesday in Las Vegas in the Pac-12 tournament.

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Good post! Two seven footers brawling with locals had to be a sight to see, unless your're on the receiving end. I have to follow this to see if there are any consequences or suspensions handed out.

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"Anti-Spokane rhetoric" HAS to be one of the best lines I've ever heard! Too funny...

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