Brian Scalabrine SCHOOLING the competition.

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Brian Scalabrine SCHOOLING the competition.

Alot of guys make jokes about the "White Mamba" on this board, other boards and in real life, some really thought, think he can't play.

Well Scalabrine challenged ANY amateur basketball player to a game of 1 on 1 in the Boston area and played a couple guys check the link below to find out what happened:

All I have to say is........dont think because the guy is the 12th man on the roster he can't play, he's still an NBA player and he's still 10x better than what you are.

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I think you.meant 13th man ;)

I think you.meant 13th man ;)

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He would make some nice plays

He would make some nice plays out there for the Bulls and C's, I don't know why people actually thought he was garbage. Great personality too, gotta love him.

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I think he could beat me

I KNOW HE COULD BEAT ME......but only because he's taller......I'm 6'0. That's the ONLY reason. especially playing make it take it like that....he'd post turn and shoot every time it'd be like I wasn't even there......but again i'll say....that's the ONLY reason.

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That's a cop out, it's like

That's a cop out, it's like saying I could beat Lebron if he were 5'6''. Size and physical ability, whether you like it or not, is all tied in with how good a player someone is.

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I found this video very

I found this video very challenging to watch

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Maybe I expect a lot from NBA

Maybe I expect a lot from NBA guys but he didn't look good. The guys he was playing looked like they weren't very smart and none could hit an open jumper... The 19 year old kid was very jerky with his movements.

I like Scal.. Great personality and he always found something positive to say about every guy.

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