Brandon Paul

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Brandon Paul

I have watched this guy at illinois very closely the past 2 years. He was a elite college scorer and hit some clutch buckets in his college career. I was shocked he wasnt drafted with a very short list of others. His 1st 2 games in summer league havent went well, field goal percentage wasnt the problem though. Well, to be honest he didnt get too many minutes, hopefully minnesota was just waiting to give him his turn, or like i heard a commentator say some teams are shielding individuals from other teams. When he got legitimate minutes that 3rd game he showed he can be a solid scorer in this league or in my opinion at least a roster filler as the 3rd shooting guard.

Usually dont ask but how does anybody feel about Paul's chances and anybody else's, undrafted this year or another, international player,or d-league player that has played in las Vegas.

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From the same area as him, watched him in high school and college and although I always thought he was a solid athlete with a good feel for the game combined with a professional demeanor, but never an NBA player. Been wrong a million times before but I think he will make a very nice career for himself overseas or in the D-League.

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Comparable to another

Comparable to another Illinois guard in Luther Head

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Didn't he get injured? That probably dropped his stock.

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Never Liked

Never Liked the Dwade comparisons he was getting from some guys. Solid Athlete not Elite

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