Brandon Jennings

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Brandon Jennings

How do you think he'll do this year?

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13ast(career high) way to

13ast(career high) way to start off the season right.

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Jennings has teammates that

Jennings has teammates that is going to run with him. He will florusih in the transition game, especiall with Monta Ellis nearby. I see his assists go up to 7-8 per game. And now that the Bucks have Monta, Ilyasova and even a promising Tobias Harris shooting well, it make work in Jennings' favor for he has bad shooting percentages in the past.

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I agree, I think he'll trust

I agree, I think he'll trust his teammates more this year so his assists and FG% will both go up.

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He should be in the

He should be in the conversation to be an All-Star, not saying he will be but that's the level he SHOULD be at by this point.

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His shot selection has been

His shot selection has been awful so far in his career. He's got a lot of tools and is a skilled passer and ball handler, but his decision making is very question. Sometimes it loks like he's never run an offense before in his life. I noticed some real improvement last season, so I think he'll continue on that track.

I bet he'll be right at 20 ppg 6.5 apg and 1.8 spg, but I still think he's only shooting in the 43-44% range and 35% from 3 point. He's a better shooter than this indicates, but his shot selection is still a work in progress.

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