Brandon Jennings

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Brandon Jennings

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it still puzzles me as to why

it still puzzles me as to why a guy coming off a foot injury? Wants to take part in the dunk contest....

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The history of the dunk

The history of the dunk contest is still an honor to some and should be taken as so. IT'S A DUNK CONTEST. Sometimes I think these pro's are too serious about things, forgetting that they enjoy just going out and doing a dunk contest, or a quick game of horse. One of the few things that is different about the 80's and now. Back then you were never at a shortage of Superstars, not no names like Gerald Green. Just a letdown. I'd love to see a dunk contest of stars, or at least up and coming stars the way it was with V.C.,Stevie,Mac,Jason Richardson,and at the time Desmond Mason when he was a near 18 ppg scorer. That means I want the up and coming talents who are proven, not the Derozan's

These days, give me Iguodala, Rose, Griffin, and LeBron. That would be a very good dunk contest. You could even expand it to 6-8 players and put a shotclock up to do away with the Nate type 50 attempt dunks.

I understand that there are possibilities of injuries and such, but they do forget sometimes that they play basketball because they enjoy it. Not because it's a job.

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