brandon jennings

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brandon jennings

wats his value?

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I like his game

B.Jennings is a very exciting player. I haven't seen a guy like him in a while if ever with that combination of playmaking and athletic skill is uncanny. But in a since I think college would have been a better route for him. Its hard to get playing time over there, and they don't go off of name recognition either,but on a positive note he will be used to playing with and against grown men so thats good. I feel he can be a very good player or he can be Kenny Anderson and flame out,its all on him and if he has the desire to be great and work at his shot and patience. i thinks some lucky team will pick and groam him correctly and he will be pretty good,if not all-star worthy. Excellent playmaker hope the Grizzlies give him a shot could give them a boost.

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That's My Boy

Me and Brandon Jennings are buddies, believe it or not. We write to each other on Myspace and I'm on his top list, but anyways he's going to be a great player in the NBA. He loves basketball, he been doing it since 6 years old, he breathes it. When you love something, your always going to have a passion for it and that's exactly what he has. A lot of NBA players, whether they admit it to it or not, just wanted to go to the NBA for the money, and as a teenager, they had the ideal height to be a basketball player and they said, "hey why not use my height to good use and make some money out of it, playing basketball". Some of these guys could care less about winning a championship, or work on their game to become a good or even great player. What they love is the money, the fame, and rewards of having millions of money. Like I heard the other night that Ohio State's, BJ Mullens, hated basketball up until the 9th grade, he was big football fan and that's what he loved, but he grew 8 inches and shot up to 7'0, so his dad forced him to play basketball, so that explains the lack of heart and desire he plays with because he doesn't love the game. Jennings is a workoholic, he's consistently working on his game and stuyding tapes of Allen Iverson, Tim Hardaway, and Chris Paul. Trust, future NBA All-Star.

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