Brandon Davies

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Brandon Davies

His name has popped up in a few articles recently for his play in the Portsmouth Invitational where his team won the tourney and he took home the MVP. Previously he was an unlikely draft pick and now he's considered a likely second rounder--probably late second rounder.

I don't think Davies will be anything more than a 3rd big in the association, but I think he could fill that role nicely. There's a chance he could be more than that. Davies is a legit 6'9 with an NBA body. He has plenty of solid post moves and a great stroke from mid range. Additionally, though he rarely shoots 3s, he hit 36% of his attempts this season. He averaged 17/8 for BYU this season while shooting 52% overall and playing as his team's 2nd option. He averaged 15/7 as a junior and 11/6 as a sophomore. In the PIT, "Davies averaged 20.6 points and 9.3 rebounds as he impressed onlookers with a host of skillful post moves and midrange jump shots. Over three games, Davies managed to shoot 67.6% from the field." Additionally, though not an elite athlete, Davies is a solid defender, fast enough laterally to stay in front of defenders and strong enough to hold his ground against the strongest collegiate bigs.

Davies' downside is that he is a below the rim player with Sullinger-esque hops. Additionally, he frequently gets into foul trouble averaging over 3 PF per game during each of the last three years.

I see Davies upside as similar to other crafty, skilled, below-the-rim PFs in the league today. He could also possibly develop a stretch-4 element due to his smooth stroke. However, he's a natural banger and will more likely play inside. His more likely role in the association will be as a very good 3rd big off the bench that will provide solid stats as a scorer/rebounder in limited minutes.

Because of BYU's down season Davies got little to no hype despite having a fairly strong season. The PIT performance has probably vaulted him back into the second round, where I think he deserves to be picked. In my opinion he's a safe pick with limited upside, but a high floor as a rotation player.

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I posted a month back about

I posted a month back about him saying I was big on him, I too echo your statements.

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