Bold Prediction: This Talented Combo Forward Will Definately Not Be A Second Round Pick

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Bold Prediction: This Talented Combo Forward Will Definately Not Be A Second Round Pick

I think that in the right system CJ Leslie can easily be a very impactful player. Especially if a coach focuses on utilizing his strengths in the proper manner. He can be a great asset with-in fast break opportunities. Running the floor and being a reliable target for dynamic dunks or lay-ups around the rim. His freakish athleticism can turn him into a big time defensive threat. Where he can use his athleticism to block shots at a high rate, rebound at a high rate, get steals and deflections, and ultimately guard multiple positions where he can use his great foot speed and length to disrupt and frustrate offensive players. He also has a lot of potential as an offensive player. Because he really does have the ability to utilize freakish athleticism, dynamic bodycontrol, and decent footwork when posting up, facing up, and attacking defenders off the dribble. He has solid shooting mechanics and can finish shots around the rim in a variety of ways (floater, runner, teardrop, reverse lay-up, adjusting his shot release point based on the position of the shot blocker, finishing lay-ups in acrobatic ways, explosive dunks, etc)

I like him and think teams will pick him in the first round similar to Perry Jones because of his potential, upside, versatility, and tremendous physical abilities. And ultimately I think he will be a dynamic combo forward in the NBA, who is very impactful, and has great role player potential. This might be a little overboard. But I think a team will fall in love with his potential and decide to pick him with a lottery pick!!!!

NBA Comparison: Darius Miles ( CJ Leslie ) ( Darius Miles )

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What does he do again? Even

What does he do again? Even though he's long and very athletic, he has a reputation of dozing on defense and prone to making mental errors. If Julians Wright couldnt make it, I'm skeptical of CJ Leslie.

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Not that bold

It was reported earlier today that he shut down workouts after going to NY, NJ, Indiana, and Pheonix. That would mean he probably has a promise in the mid-to-late 20's. There are some quesitons about his head and ability to make the next big step in his improvement, but the 20's is a prefectly fine to gamble on a guy with some upside.

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he kinda reminds me of a

he kinda reminds me of a taller will barton, I think he could contribute to a team in the nba

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I'm just wondering when

I'm just wondering when you're going to learn to spell Definitely.

You've spelled it wrong in each one of your topics like this.

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A guy with his size and

A guy with his size and athleticism should be a potential first round pick. I think this day and age with all the pick and roll and stretch 4s playing it is important to have a big guy who can move his feet defensively. CJ Leslie has the ability to that at an elite level and if he focuses and works on his all around game he is well worth a risk at the end of the first round in my opinion.

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