Bold Prediction Player Comparison For Emmanuel Mudiay and Dante Exum

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Bold Prediction Player Comparison For Emmanuel Mudiay and Dante Exum

Emmanuel Mudiay and Dante Exum are my two favorite prospects for the 2015 nba draft. And I think I've came up with some very good player comparisons for both

1.Emmanuel Mudiay
Best Case Scenario: Penny Hardaway
Worst Case Scenario: Tony Wroten with better decision making skills ( which is still a very good player )

2.Dante Exum
Best Case Scenario: Steve Smith
Worst Case Scenario: Reece Gaines members, what kind of player comparisons do you guys have for each player?

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Steve Smith was a good

Steve Smith was a good player,but he didnt have Exum's 1st step...I would compare Exum to what Shaun Livingston might've been if he hadnt suffered that injury..

Mudiaye reminds me of John Wall both have some of the same

Inconsistent outside shooters
Have to work on playing better in halfcourt


Great athletes
terrific in transition
great finishers
great size
good rebounders
can create for himself & others
good defenders

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Wow Tough Crowd

Well I'd well I've seen Mudiay play in person numerous times and I've only seen tape of Exum so I think...

Emmanuel Mudiay
Best Case- A mix between Jrue Holiday and John Wall
Worst Case- Rookie Season Eric Bledsoe

Dante Exum
Best Case- James Harden
Worst Case- Darius Morris

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In my opinion, there is

In my opinion, there is absolutely no Penny Hardaway in Mudiay's game. Penny was so skilled to go with his fluid and explosive athleticism. Mudiay's skill, his passing, shooting, handling is not in the same galaxy as Penny's was. The Wall comparisons are much more on point.

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Steve smith was a great 3pt shooter and at the moment, outside shooting could be considered a weakness in Exum's game. Exum may improve in this area but as of now I don't see the comparison. Also, I think Exum projects more as a PG rather than a SG (even though he can play off the ball almost as well) so I don't see all those SG projections.

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Exum is Greivis Vasquez with way more athleticism.

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Exum is like a tall Tony

Exum is like a tall Tony Parker.

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