Bold Prediction: The Best Scorer From This Year's 2013 NBA Draft Will Be.....

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Bold Prediction: The Best Scorer From This Year's 2013 NBA Draft Will Be.....

Shabazz Muhammad

I'm really a big fan of the potential and overall level of talent that Shabazz possesses. I simply think that he has the potential and upside to be a very good scorer/shooter in the NBA for a very long time. The haters came from all over the place against Shabazz Muhammad this past college basketball season and I don't think that he should be penalized for not living up to the high expectations. Because the reality is that he had a very good season for UCLA this past season. Averaging 18 points per game and helping UCLA become the best team in the Pac 10.

My Scouting Report On Shabazz Muhammad

1. I Iove his physicality, great body strength, tenaciousness, and hungry desire to score at a high level in any possible way
2. He has the potential to be a very good all around scorer in the nba.
3. He moves well with-out the ball, has great awareness to flash to open spots on the court, and has great catch and shoot skills.
4. He has very good shooting mechanics and shooting skills ( especially when he sets his feet and shoots on balance )
5. He has an efficient and unorthodox mid range game ( pull-up jumpers, fadeaway jumpers, runners, teardrops, etc)
6. He has pretty good offensive footwork when working from the tripple threat position
7. He has the ability to create and make difficult shots against tough defense
8.He knows how to use his body strength to initiate contact and force his defender to play off balance.
9. He has a very underrated first-step ( he uses a combination of strength and quickness to create space) and can play above the rim when needed
10. He has the strength, bodycontrol, and skillset to finish lay-ups around the rim in traffic and against size, length, contact, and athleticism
11. He has mature, efficient, and very dynamic post-up skills ( example: jumphooks, fadeaways, using spin moves, using dropsteps, using the power dribble to create space, etc )
12. He's not a very creative ball-handler, but he has the ability to use the dribble to get to spots on the court where he can be the most effective as a scorer and shooter
13. I don't think he will be a star, but I think shabazz will be a very effective scorer for many years In the NBA

1. He's a below average shot creator for others ( example: he averaged less than one assist per game )
2. He shot creating instincts off the dribble need improvement to maximize his ability to be a special and dynamic scorer in the NBA
3. His defensive footwork needs refinement for the purpose of improving the defensive posture that will maximize his balance and allow him to move in a efficient manner. Which will help him utilize his very good physical tools at a higher level when he has to guard the best scorers and athletes in the NBA who play the shooting guard and small forward positions

NBA Comparison: Nick Anderson / Bonzi Wells ( Shabazz showing good and bad qualities ) ( Shabazz Highlights ) ( Nick Anderson ) ( Nick Anderson )

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I disagree but I'll give you

I disagree but I'll give you a plus for the effort.

I think C.J. McCollum has the best chance to be an elite scorer in this class. I know that's not really going out on too much of a limb but he ball handling coupled with his shooting ability give him the inside track.

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Wait for the draft first

Honestly I'd wait to make a prediction just based on the fact that we don't know where players go. Some of these players are pretty good scorers, but going to the right team makes a huge difference. I'll use Shabazz as an example, if he goes to Boston he wont be scoring that much if Pierce and KG make another run, but if he falls to a team like the Bucks they are losing potentially there back court rotation so they will need scoring. It all depends on how the draft goes before you can predict this.

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McCollum and Muhammad both

McCollum and Muhammad both have great chances to be the best scorers in this class IMO as well. Muhammad just needs to polish his game more, but he already has a knack for scoring and the instincts to really be a top scorer. McCollum is just very good at putting up points and he can do so effectively at all 3 levels.

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You might be right. He's

You might be right.

He's pretty ambidextrous and I think that's a vastly underrated skill (even though some say he can't go right). It was something I noticed about Harrison Barnes last year. The other guy who's really ambidextrous is Giannis Adetenkombuokentobudentokembutubo (something like that).

The highlights reels make me think Muhammad is amazing, but when I saw him live at Pauly Pavillion he was flat footed 90% of the time and it seamed like he didn't care.

I think the best scorer, this year, will be Anthony Bennett... especially if the Bobcats draft him. What else could they do other than start him every game and give him the ball every time?

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I agree Anthony Bennett looks

I agree Anthony Bennett looks like the best scorer he can score inside and outside. If he falls to the right team he could be dangerous.

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Ricky Ledo

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Kelly Olynyk is one of those

Kelly Olynyk is one of those guys who could really surprise and everybody would pretend not to be surprised. I've really come around on him.
Ambidexterous, can score in any way from anywhere. Can dribble the ball too.

Face up 5, not many centers will be able to hang with him on the perimeter, and if you put a power forward on him he'll back you down and score over you.

He may not be a leaper but his tree trunk legs are pretty agile and as strong as the legs of most 250 pound guys.

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I am going with Bennett as

I am going with Bennett as the best scorer from this draft

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Im Going to go with

Im going to go with KCP just because nobody is talking about him underated scorer

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Going bold and saying Steven

Going bold and saying Steven Adams...his jump shot looks great and with time I think he'll start knocking down threes

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Best Scorer

As said above me, the most important thing to consider when considering who the best scorer will be is the situation in which the player ends up. That being said, I believe that Shabazz has the most potential as a scorer, and CJ will be the best scorer on day one.

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