Bold Prediction: The Best Player To Be Picked In The Second Round From This Year's 2013 NBA Draft Will Be:

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Bold Prediction: The Best Player To Be Picked In The Second Round From This Year's 2013 NBA Draft Will Be:

Lamont Momo Jones

My Scouting Report On Lamont Momo Jones

1. Tough, physical, fearless, and fiesty
2. Combo guard who's an underrated shot creator for himself and teammates
3. A streaky 3point shooter who averaged 23 points per game for iona this season and also exploded for 43 points in one game
4. Very good individual and team defender
5. Plays with a good combination of poise, toughness, and confidence
6. Can depend on him to play with 100% effort and high intensity
7. He is surprisingly very skilled and has a high basketball I.Q, which will give him the opportunity to potentially develop into a decent floor general and point guard in the NBA
8. Has great role player potential
9. Will be a under the rador point guard this year, who will probably surprise alot of people with his high level play when he get's the opportunity to play in the NBA
10. Should and will definitely get drafted in the second round of this year's draft

NBA Comparison: Chris Childs/Mike James

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simply for someone finally having a comparison that doesn't include an all star, a HOFer or Bird (if he's white)

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James Ennis or Ricardo Ledo

James Ennis or Ricardo Ledo

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Brandon Paul has all of the

Brandon Paul has all of the tools. The notion of him going undrafted seems ridiculous to me.

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Jackie Carmichael. Or Jeff

Jackie Carmichael. Or Jeff Withey if he falls to the 2nd round.

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CJ Leslie is going to

CJ Leslie is going to surprise a lot of people. I still think that he has time to grow and become the player that five years from now you say, "How did he not go in the first round"

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Anybody that the Spurs

Anybody that the Spurs take/trade for...

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As a UA fan I don't have much

As a UA fan I don't have much faith in MO MO, a player that is very similar to him who I would ratiher have in the 2nd round is Pierre Jackson, who can step in and contribute from day one off the bench. Long term though Goodwin would be my bet.

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Alex Abrines or Jackie

Alex Abrines or Jackie Carmichael. Or like dude said, a Spurs pick

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Not many people talk about

Not many people talk about him but I think Ray McCallum can become a really good player

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He is not getting a lot of

He is not getting a lot of love. But I do think that he can be a solid pro. He has a good feel for the game. He can run a team and always stays cool, clam, and collective. I would like for him to do well.

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If he goes to the right team,

If he goes to the right team, Archie Goodwin

Sleeper: Ryan Kelly. Has the ability to possibly do what Ryan Anderson has done the past 2 years.

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I'm with you on that

But I like Murphy from Florida to fill that mold.
A good shooter and has underrated inside presence
R Kelly is a sub par athlete but he has heart and iq.

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McCallum, I can't believe

McCallum, I can't believe he's getting slept on so heavy

I know he wanted to support his dad, but he should've just went to Arizona

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Two players

The obvious choice if he falls second round is Archie Goodwin. And a player than everyone seems to hate now and talk of not even being drafted, Adonis Thomas. I think he has the physical gifts to make it in the league.

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I have him going in the late

I have him going in the late 1st but everybody else has him going in the 2nd, I really see Glen Rice Jr being a steal in this draft. After averaging nearly 25 points in the D-League Playoffs, he has proven that his game fits the NBA. The D-League plays the exact same rules as the NBA and those are all guys who already are in the NBA, have been in the NBA and guys who have nearly made it. A higher level of competition than the SEC or Big East by far. This guy just really knows how to score.

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Im going to have to

I'm going to have to say Kenny Kadji I like what I saw from him at Miami this season a big who moves well and can shoot and put the ball on the floor is a big time skills in this new NBA where bigs have to be quicker and run the floor more than ever

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Goodwin, if he goes in the

Goodwin, if he goes in the second.

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Ray mccallum.. this was a kid

Ray mccallum.. this was a kid being recruited by some powerhouse programs who was able to make a name for himself in Detroit. I really think he's got some NBA potential and could be a great second round pick

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If Ledo falls to the 2nd round, I think he'll be the steal of the draft. He's offensively ready to compete, but will need time to adjust to the physicality of the NBA. I think he could average 10-14 ppg as a rookie depending on his situation and could average 16-22 ppg in his prime years. He'll probably chip in a few assists and boards here and there, but he's going to be a great scorer at the next level if he can just find the right system.

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Nemanja Nedovic and/or CJ

Nemanja Nedovic and/or CJ Leslie

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Trevor Mbakwe

He is fighting to get drafted, I hope he does. He is udersized but has a big wings span and huge hands. Before his ijuries he could have been a lottery pick, and now he is healthy and hos confidence is up. He stepped up in big match ups this year, mainly Zeller. He could be a steal, he reminds me of Kennith Faried.

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reminds me of udonis haslem,

reminds me of udonis haslem, young not now. I agree I hope he gets drafted or at least picked up.

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Best Player in the 2nd Round

CJ Leslie, Archie Goodwin & Lorenzo Brown

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Ray Mccallum or Ledo

Ray Mccallum or Ledo

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