Bogdans and Brogdans and Bjelica’s – Oh My

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Bogdans and Brogdans and Bjelica’s – Oh My

If anyone regularly scours the top 5 three point percentage qualifiers (I’m looking at you Indiana Basketball), then you’ll notice these three (2 of which are from Eastern Europe – not sure which ones) are efficiently lighting it up from beyond the 3 point line. Surprisingly, the other two making up the top 5 are the resurgent DRose and Steph Curry (would have expected this to be Seth or Eddy Curry). There’s nothing really else to this post as it was merely written for the alliteration in the title and the inappropriate Eddy Curry reference. Any other of your favorite players in the top 5 for any particular stat such as defensive magnate James Harden being in top 5 in steals or savvy Javale McGee being top 5 in FG%?

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Javale McGee

Its crazy that someone who was so immature is described as savvy now. God I'm getting old!!!

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Russ and PG being 1st and 2nd

Russ and PG being 1st and 2nd in steals is nice to see. Crazy to think what the defense would be like if Roberson was back and healthy in there

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