Bobby Portis

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Bobby Portis

report --

K.C. Johnson: Definitely surprised Bulls traded Portis. But don’t agree with talk of “no loyalty.” They offered him a multi-year extension worth $40-50M last Fall. He said no, which is certainly Portis’ right. Also, word around league is Portis is looking for $16M annually this summer in RFA.
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Not sure what to make of this. Bobby Portis got into a fight with his teammate Mirotic which then forced a trade. The Bulls stuck with Portis although I always thought he didn't get enough minutes. He then turned down an extension with them. I have read it was $50mill not sure over 4 or 5 years is still $10 to 12 mill per season.

I certainly side with the Bulls, will be interesting to see how Portis goes in Washington, lucky Gortat and Mark Morris have both left - might have been more fisticuffs there....

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Who cares? D’Angelo

Who cares?

D’Angelo Russell has his share of vitriol and distraction and has since been relocated. Portis had 30 on 12/18 shooting off the bench in his debut. Like Russell, Portis’ best basketball seems to be ahead of him, and Washington likely profits from it. Shouldn’t we focus on that?

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Shouldve been giving him 32

Shouldve been giving him 32 minutes a game and running the offense through him. He was the best player on that team now he's the best player on the Wizards and hes gonna get paid after a good showing in the playoffs.

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Bobby Portis is better the

Bobby Portis is better the Bradley Beal? Try again

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Portis is a little bit of a throw back...

It made sense for both sides really...

Why overpay for what would have been their 6th man: Lauri and Wendal were seen as ahead of Portis in the pecking order.

Otto fills a need and fits the identity they want to have and they move on from parker who didn't really fit there...

Portis has the right kind of drive for the Wizards: Goes hard,wants to win and will do all the things it takes to win..Even if they pay him the 16 million that is still cheaper than the 25mill Otto was getting and the 7mill Morris was getting..

The only head scratching thing is this though: Who do Washington think they are getting by giving up all their SF's? Oubre is on the suns,Jabari has a team option and Otto now on the Bulls..Do they think they are getting K.D or something?

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The Wizards will be fine at

The Wizards will be fine at SF. Trevor Ariza already stated he wants to retire in Washington, so between him and Jeff Green they are likely to retain one to be a stop gap veteran SF. Not to mention their first round pick this year Troy Brown Jr. who you will start seeing get minutes and you have to see him develop. Not to mention with their top 10 pick this year it's a 70% chance you land a SF(Keldon, Reddish, Okpala, Little, Hunter, etc)

I also have no problem with them letting go of Oubre. Don't get me wrong he's a talented player but Charles Barkley even said this week the Suns should trade him rather than pay him the 90-100 million he's looking for. After the mistake of the Porter contract they surely weren't going to give a guy like Oubre that type of money. At least you can justify giving Portis that money since PF is a much more shalow postition and not as easy to find talent. If the Wizards draft a guy like Bruno Fernando who pair with Portis, that would be a decent front line alongside Ariza/Brown Jr. Add to that Beal who is only getting better and will average 25-26 ppg this year and that's a respectable team regardless of the future of Wall.

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This team is so bad it is

This team is so bad it is hard to gauge the talent of these players. Aside from Brad Beal and a declining Ariza, the rest of that team is avg. as fu**

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The Bulls took on Porter's

The Bulls took on Porter's large contract but filled a need at SF. Portis has a chance to do his stuff in Washington and earn a good deal there.

Moving Portis has given the Bulls a clear run at any of the draft prospects as although they have a young starting 5 on paper they don't have major logjams and if they get lucky in the draft can take BPA.

Washington have cleared cap space and have Jabari's team option for next season to use to get assets if they do go full rebuild.

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Bobby Portis is better than

Bobby Portis is better than Bradley Beal? Come on bruh! Smh

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