Bobby Brown

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Bobby Brown

I think Bobby Brown can be a solid role player in the NBA. I always liked his game and from what I have been reading about his performances in the Euro league this past season it seems that he has further developed his game.

He worked out for the Knicks in Vegas on Tuesday and they are considering him with one of there spots. I think this would be a good move for the Knicks.

Would this be a good or bad move?

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Yeah, he's under 30. Haha

Yeah, he's under 30. Haha

The Knicks are in a terrible position IMO. Their a 2nd teir contender with no real shot, but their also the oldest team in the league. They have a star in his prime, and a bunch of guys that are going to leave him hanging in a year or two. At least Brooklyn loaded up with talent, and made themselves more formidable and playoff built.

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Good move

PG with experience is wht NY needs

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He works out for teams every year

He isn't likely to actually make a team.

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I disagree with one of the previuos posts that he's what NYK need. They need a creator and Bobby Brown is more of a shooter.He is a score first pg who won't be able to put good numbers bacause Carmelo is the scoring machine in NY. But I disagree with you jjbutler because I think there always will be a spot in an NBA roster for one of the top Euroleague players.

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He is a really talented

He is a really talented player and he is SUPER athletic. But he's zero at defense, and he's an enormous stats player. It's all about him and his own scoring stats.

He would have been perfect for D'Antoni. Really talented player, zero defense, totally selfish.

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