Bleacherreport's top 5 options for Celtics 1st round pick

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Bleacherreport's top 5 options for Celtics 1st round pick

This guy's top 5 options for the C's to replace Shaq are:

1. Bismack Biyombo

2. Lucas Nogueira

3. Jordan Williams

4. Nikola Vuyecivic

5. Keith Benson

I think if I were the C's this has to be a project big unless someone like Markeiff Morris or Trey Thompkins falls. Williams would not be a bad fit either, but I couldnt see Boston selecting Benson or Vuyecivic with the 1st rounder. He should have mentioned Greg Smith and Jeremy Tyler for those last two spots. Any thoughts?

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i think biyombo will go in

i think biyombo will go in the lottery

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To me Tobias Harris and

To me Tobias Harris and Justin Harper are guys they should be targeting. There's no guarantee they will offer a Jeff Green offer sheet if he gets say a 5 year 45-50 million offer. Both Harris and Harper have that 3/4 versatility to contibute in a number of ways.

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As a Celtics fan I want them

As a Celtics fan I want them to take a chance on Jeremy Tyler, especially now that Rivers is locked in for 5 years and can oversee his development. Rivers has shown the capacity to handle complex personalities and bring out the best in them over and over again, he's the ideal coach to develop Tyler.

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Anyone can write for Bleacher

Anyone can write for Bleacher is a hack site.

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My opinion: This is my top 5

My opinion:

This is my top 5 list for the Celtics concerning their 1st round pick and players that could potentially be on the board.

1. Chris Singleton - I feel they lost a step when Tony Allen went elsewhere. The Celtics play tough defense and he'd be able to step in and do so. Not a lot of late 1st round picks crack the rotation for playoff teams, but I feel Singleton by the time the playoffs come around could give them minutes and provide them with a tough defender going forward with Doc Rivers' new 5 year extentsion. I feel he'll be off the board by 25, but if for some reason he slips I think he'd be the best fit for the C's

2. Jordan Williams -With the Celtics' big men not getting any younger and Big Baby's future unknown I feel picking Williams would give them a PF and with strength and rebounding ability who could learn from KG and the O'Neils while playing a limited role and eventually step in and play minutes at both the PF and C.

3. Kyle Singler - I feel when looking at the current Celtics roster compared to last year and 08 when they were the most successful you can make an observation that they lack a bench scorer outside of Big Baby like Eddie House in 08' and Nate Robinson last year in the playoffs. I feel Singler's shooting ability and 4 years playing under coach K would allow him to come in and play a role shooting the basketball right off the bat and for years to come.

4. JaJuan Johnson - I feel he'd bring much of the same things to the table that Jordan Williams would, but he doesn't have the bulk or upside I feel Williams does. Still he's a skilled player and I feel he'd be a good fit in that system.

5. Jeremy Tyler - Rolling the dice on this one a bit, but Tyler still has big upside and getting him at #25 wouldn't be an outlandish stretch if he didn't pan out. Size is hard to find and although his Japanese league has similar talent level to the D-League he faired much better there than he did last year. Putting him on a team where he's playing with veterans so focused on winning and a coach like Rivers, he's gotta sink or swim and maybe that will be the right motivation to get him to realize his potential.

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Celtics main core are all

Celtics main core are all old..So they should go for the best player regardless of position.....

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