Blake Griffin's vert

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Blake Griffin's vert

Am I the only one who doesnt understand why Blake's lost his "launching zone" so early in his career? i think its been happening for like 2 years, he has lost a great amount of hops.

I remember back in the days when he would just jump over and even if he missed the dunk, he look like he was going to end defender's career with a poster dunk.

He is 28 years old, and should be priming rn. Is it because of the injuries?, and if so, how much better would Blake Griffin be right now?...

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Knee Injuries Brah...

Knee Injuries Brah...

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Blake might not be any

Blake might not be any better. This is just an idea but the fact he has lost some of his athletic ability may have contributed to him developing his game to its current state. Assists are up and his shot is better. He seems like a more heady player but that could have more to do with what you said about him not dunking over cars anymore. I definitely think injuries had a lot to do with this. Lucky for Blake, he is in another good situation playing along side a monster rebounder.

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It's part age, part injury

It's part age, part injury and part game preservation. To paraphrase Kenny Smith, "each set if knees only has a certain amount of jumps in 'em". The high flyers last a little longer these days due to advances in training, nutrition, shoe technology, etc... But that kind of style doesn't generally lend itself towards longevity.

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Lots of injuries, minutes,

Lots of injuries, minutes, and mileage.

Maybe he just doesn't want to play as reckessly.

Anybody know what his max vertical was coming out of college?

I think he was more of a power jumper and a QUICK jumper than anything.

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I still think he has most of

I still think he has most of his explosive leaping ability, he just chooses not to use it to dunk all the time. Look at him play. His first step is quick, especially for a PF, and he can blow by nearly anyone he's matched up against. When he gets to the hoop, he's nearly always laying it in, but you can tell he could be dunking it if he wanted to. I personally believe that he realised he couldn't keep dunking on everyone forever and with an eye on preventing future potential knee injuries decided to scale back the highlight plays and concentrate more on expanding his game. He's fitting in brilliantly in Detroit.

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It's DEFINITELY the injuries,

It's DEFINITELY the injuries, *specifically* to his left leg, which is his dominant jumping leg. Broken kneecap, partially torn quad, knee bone bruise, sprained knee, sprained hamstring and recently the sprained MCL. That's all to his left leg.

Throw in the fact he hurt the big toe on his right foot and had "loose bodies" removed from his right knee not too long ago. Then there's the back stress fracture he had.

He's flat out not the high flyer that he used to be, which has resulted in him improving other parts of his game.

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For a guy whose game a lot of

For a guy whose game a lot of us thought was built on athleticism, Blake has almost re-invented himself without us knowing. Like a number of bigs such as Millsap, Horford, Marc Gasol, Brook Lopez etc he seems to have developed his 3 point range in the last couple of years. Add to that he was already a very good passer for a big and he has strengthened that part of his game.

Drummond is an insane rebounder so if Blake isn't pulling down as many boards as he used to, he will cover this part of his game and likewise Drummond will benefit from Blake's passing and helping to spread the play.

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