BJ Mullens a possible Bogut?

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BJ Mullens a possible Bogut?

Bogut had a more successful freshman year where he averaged about 12pts and 10 boards. Mullens isnt far off even with his disapointing season when you see he averaged 9pts 5rbs but he also played 10 less minutes per game...30mins per game Bogut to 20 mins per game for Mullens. They both are atheletic 7 footers that have good post games. Could BJ be a poor mans andrew bogut.. he has the potential to be as good or better i think.

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Bogut is not as athletic as

Bogut is not as athletic as Mullens but he is way more skilled. He has a solid jumpshot and is a very good passer for a big man and has a few post moves. Mullens is none of those, just raw athleticism.

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UMMMM....No..........Mullens couldn't even handle Nevill in a workout. So how is Mullens going to be as good as Bogut who was way better than Nevill was at Utah in college.

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Bogut is only bad because he was taken no. 1 over Paul and Williams, last time I checked Mullens isnt going probably in the 15-23 range, Bogut isnt a bad player he was just taken to high if he was picked in the 15-23 range people would say the Bucks GM got a steal

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People forget how young

People forget how young Mullens is. A good big man coach could at least have him at decent level in 3 to 4 years. He should be able to rebound and catch lobs as well as hit the ocassional 15 footer after his first season. That should be good enough to warrant a high selection in this draft. Mullens does have some post moves but I will say this the comparisons are bad because Bogut is better than he looks in Milwaukee and he has been hurt a lot. Bogut is not in a system where he can excel because Bucks tend to rely on the jump shot and dribble penetration versus low post. He would be a 20 and 10 guy in say Chicago. Mullens will be a quality Center with the potential to be great or just ordinary and the thing is even if he is ordinary he will still be a quality player because of his athleticism. He has the raw abilities to be a nice player with the way the game is evolving.

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Chris Kaman is ok,

His best case is Kaman. Bogut and Mullens have few similarites outside of their size. Bogut is a better passer, rebounder, defender, shooter, and has more moves in the post. He has more finesse and power

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